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This is still a ground floor opportunity under 2 years old.

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How I Stumbled into a 'Mysterious Formula' That Scientists Use To Get Money…

3 1/2 years of getting kicked out of Wal-Mart had yielded a grand total team of 15 reps, a closet full of Soap and Vitamins, a four foot box of ratted out ‘motivation’ tapes, and… …not very much money getting, at all.

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Viral Marketing Platform

100% Commissions with this program. What do you have to lose when you are getting paid 100% commissions? If you would like to generate your own leads on-line and get ranked on the first page of Google then you need to check out the Empower Network....

Natraburst Product is Amazing

Keep Your Goals in Front of You.

One24 Explained and Made Simple

One24 is definitely a business for the masses, that anyone can afford to be a part of, but it is not a get rich quick program. It lays out a 24 month process for people to follow to reach their retirement goals within 18-24 months...

Do You Need Help with Your Blog?

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The One24 Difference

5 Reasons One24 is Different 1. The Business Model Is Free 2. Everyone Can Have the Same Success 3. Learn to Build You Business in Minutes 4. No Meetings or Experience Needed 5. Use Our $25,000 Monthly GiveAway

ready to change the world

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One24 is the Opportunity of a Life-Time {get ready for 2012 and change your life|join me and let's fight the forces of evil together}

Company for 2012

If there is one thing that I can teach people about network marketing is this one thing. Sponsor people who REALLY want to do this business and get your new people into action immediately and don't leave them trying to figure it out for themselves. Have an action plan that they need to follow. You usually can get this program from your company or hopefully from at least your up-line.

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Facebook Ladies - Nicole Jolie - Vicki Berry - Cathie Heath - Janet Legere Internet marketing post from Nana Team President.

Tired of the Tough Economic Times { Opportunity in these tough economic times| How to get ahead in today's economy|How to take control in a tough economy}

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“Build your One24 business from your own circle of influence or build it on-line”

Today you have the ability to market your business on-line and off-line. With the use of social networks and your personal circle of influence this business is easier then ever. If you are willing to do what it takes and really have a desire to become financially independent there is no reason you can’t be successful with One24. I have put together a program for our team that will show you a step by step,

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The #1 Opportunity for 2012 and beyone

If you are looking for the top income opportunity for 2012 then you need to take a look at One24. One24 is not a network marketing company or mlm company but the first IRP program that has ever been created. With the IRP you have no group volume requirements to get paid and you all you have to do is use the product and share it with other people.

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Tired of the Tough Economic Times

Are You Tired of the Tough Economic Times? If you are tired of the tough economic times that people are having and the economy has effected you then let's do something to change it. Let's team up together and help people take control of their lives for the final time. People are sick and tired of being worried about their jobs and not having any control of their lives. I have to start over at 50 because I couldn't bow down to the corporate BS that really has no consideration of their Employees. Where their people are no more then a Percentage on financial statement. I have sat in meetings where they could care less how hard people work or how long the people have been employed by them. It sucks to lay off hundreds of employee's so that the stock goes up a few cents. How can you lay off thousands of employee's while at the same time paying your top executives million's of dollars? But that is their prerogative and it is our choice whether we work for them or not. "No More"

One24 and the solution to the current economy

If you are looking for something different and looking for a way to make money online you really need to look at One24online. This is a home based business that anyone can be successful at.

Ready to make money

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This business is not hard, does not cost a lot of money, does not take a lot of time and it could make you wealthy! Who wouldn't want to be involved?

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This program is for the middle class if they want to get ahead & have a chance at the American dream.

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This company will change your life! If you wanted to be in the right place at the right time then this is it.

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Finally an opportunity that anyone can do.

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Is it time to quit the Empower Network?

    ...............Just Freaking Nuts!............. Could not believe it when I first heard about it.  In fact at first, I wouldn't even look at it!  I was a idiot! This company has just blown up the internet.  People from all walks of life are jumping in and making money like never before. ...... LT- Engineer-father of 2-  In the past has been a part time marketer- $41,000+ his first week I know this is extreme but this is just amazing.

The Empower Network is setting the world on fire and you should quit....

.... I am just too excited to tell you about the Empower Network.  You need to see for your self what it is all about.  All I can say is I first looked at it and tried to poke holes in it.  I really tried but I couldn't find any. ....Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe are ingeniousness.  They actually figured out a way to do a business and pay out people like you and me 100%  They have figured out a way for everyone to get paid like a guru regardless of you experience level. LT made $41,000 bringing people into a program that starts at $25 and has so much value that if you can't sell this "then give up".
 "then just give up"
I am 100% serious, if after understanding what this is all about,  you can't find people to join this program, you might as well just call it a day and start a lawn care business! You need to take 30 minutes and watch this video. . If at the end you don't get it, send me an e-mail at and we can talk. This is the best opportunity for improving your online business that I have ever seen.  The best online viral program I have ever seen.  People have dreamed about a business that they can set up on line and let go viral.  Well Here it is. Watch the video Now Click Here  

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Empower Network the latest buzz


Empower Network is off to the Races

  I have never seen a company take off out of the shoots like this company has.  I mean it is absolute mayhem with the buzz on the net about empower network. Alexa has ranked this site around 15k in the world in only 1 week.

 Talk about being shot out of a cannon.... You are starting to see this page all over the place and we only have 4000 affiliates so far What is driving this wild fire? 100% commissions is what is driving this wild fire. I have never seen anything like it. I have been trying to market on line for over 2 years and I have never had the success that I have had with this program. This program just makes sense and you are getting paid max dollars for your efforts. So if you are tired of earning 5%-10% for your efforts and the company keeping the other 95% then you want to check this out. Not only is the money and opportunity real, but the platform is amazing. We get a chance to post our blogs daily on one of the top blogs in the world. At this moment it is ranked around 15000 in the world for websites and I predict this will be in the top 10 within 6 months. If you want in jump in quick because all your friends are. I know because all mine have been! Click the links for more information or to get started todaydiv dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">

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Review of One24 (

Oh Wow this is different!

When you first take a look at the One24 business you can tell from the start that it is a little bit different.
The founders Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have been around this industry for a long time. In fact in one of their first ventures they actually had a distributor in their organization by the name of Mark Hughes
Some of you may have heard of him, he was the founder of Herbalife many years ago. Well in the early days Mark manufactured a lot of the herbalife products for Herbalife thru Seyforth Labortories
They were also the first people to launch the milk shake diet (became quite the trend) and they were responsible for writing the first marketing plans geared for the back end or residual style income!
Based on those merrits I guess they have some street cred!
There new venture, which was just launced over a year ago is a little different from your typical network marketing company. The reason I say this is because there are no volume requirements to get paid and you don't have to sponsor a truck load of people to make money.
To me this one aspect is huge. It is hard to imagine getting paid down 12 levels and your only requirement is to order 1 product per month. This is one of the reasons the founders do not call this company a network marketing organization. In fact, the way it is set up is that once you join, everyone who joins the company after that comes in under you. They call this a linear compensation program. The people who join are called PC's (Preferred Customers) and they don't require you to stock a lot of inventory or retail products.
Green Tickets
I heard about this and once I understood it, it was quite unique. Once you join One24 you are issued 24 Green Tickets, and you are allowed to use only 1 per month. This is where their motto "Retire in 24 Months" comes from.
Another interesting aspect of One24 is that you are not allowed to join One24 until someone issues you a green ticket to use. Really? Everyone starts in the same spot, you can't buy your way to the top of leap over people or any of that other stuff. Their pc's are not trying to sell you the TOP PACKAGE, they are saying, join the company, use the product and share it with other people. I guess their won't be any garages full of their products anytime soon. This is what Mark Seyforth calls an Incentivized Referral Program or IRP. Refreshing!
The company now has two products, Natraburst, an incredibly formulated "Super Food". The ingrediants look impressive and Natraboost. Now the Natraboost is unique because it operates in the $15 billion dollar Energy Drink market. I tried it and I was quite impressed. It is a very strong competetor to the 5 hour energy drink at about 1/3 the cost.
One24 has also developed some very unique twists and turns to their marketing plan. In fact they are so unique that One24 has filed for a patent for their plan. The company has added twist so that the Marketing Superstars can join and build very quickly and establish a very solid foundation. The Plan is called the "Gold Rush". The Gold Rush allows any unused Green Tickets to be used by all PC's beginning around the 24th of the month. This concept is really cool because it allows the builder's to build and the little guy to get his Green Ticket swooped up and still benefit financially. It is truly unique.
Overall I think One24 is a very solid company with great products. One draw back that I found is that it does cap it's distributor's income at $200,000, but that is monthly so I guess that isn't too bad. The company pays out $.50 on every dollar that it takes in and that is certified by an independent accounting firm. You can e-mail me if you would like a copy of it. It is being posted soon and I am excited to see it. If they are paying out 50% that is one of the strongest payouts in the industry.
If you would like more information on One24 you can click here. If you would like information about how you can build your One24 business at lightning speed go to

$25,000 Sweepstakes- free to join

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Keep It Simple Stupid!

] What is the key to making money with One24? If you answered duplication then you are correct. If you answered anything else then you are incorrect. That is why it is so important to follow the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. We have to be vary careful that we don't get to carried away with the Internet marketing aspect of One24. It is easy for me to say as I sit here and type my blog that will go out over the Internet for people to see, but I am serious. We need to keep this thing very simple and remember our warm markets. We can definitely utilize the Internet to build. One of the great things is we don't have to try and sit down one-on-0ne with people and do a napkin presentation anymore. We can direct them to a website and have them find out about us from our site or marketing funnel. We don't have to spend money on audio tapes or cd's. It is free Remember the basics. Build your list and make sure you talk to everyone you know about the One24 opportunity and teach your people to do the same. I think a lot of us have gotten caught up with all the crap we see online that we forgot the basics. The basics are relationships and changing people's lives. I am as guilty as most people but I am smart enough to look around and find out who is really killing it and it is Teams like "Team Liquid" and if you look at what they are doing it mostly revolves around meetings and conference calls. They have created a culture and we need to create our own culture in our own towns. We all need to stop trying to be the Rabbit as Mark put it on last nights call and be the turtle. Progress not regress. This business is about relationships, so start picking up the phones, get off Face-Book for awhile and plan your next Retirement Party at your house. We will talk about that next time. Your success is right in front of you, now go out and get it!

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Announcement of new site

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What the Top MlM leaders don't know yet

It really excites me that we are still at such an early stage of a company called One24 which is going to revolutionize the network marketing business forever. I will try to give you a quick recap of why I feel this way.

Being in the home based business industry I pay attention to just about everything that is out there when it comes to network marketing. When you realize what Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created with One24 you will never look at these companies the same and let me explain why.

Every network marketing company that I have looked at has basically the same types of compensation programs. Now I know there are different variations between binary, uni-level, matrix, forced matrix etc,etc. And when you dig into these they are all very complicated and designed to make it difficult to get paid. With One24 there are some twists and turns to the 5 different ways you get paid but the difference is when you understand them the extra ones are to your advantage and if they just had the one I am going to tell you about, it would be enough!!

This program was developed out of the love hate relationship we all have with this industry. We love it because of what it offers but we hate it because so many people fail. The industry average for retention is under 25%. But what if we could eliminate why people fail? This is where the light went on for me once I really dug into One24, the retention rate is running around 90%!! Like a lot of people I have tried a ton of different Network Marketing companies but never quite made it into the wealth creation which is why we all joined. We joined these companies to make money not spend money and this is what Mark and Joe understood.

Straight forward and simple. One24 will pay you down 12 levels on every one you bring into the program. The only requirement is that you are active, ordering or selling one product per month $60 plus shipping. For those of you that understand the power of duplication going down 12 levels is HUGE. Think about this, you could sponsor 1 person who brings in 10,000 pc's. Do you realize that would pay you over $15,000 per month, with no other requirements! Once people truly understand this one concept it is a game changer! But there's more!

I have to tell you about the brillance of the Silver program also (another way we get paid). One24 uses a linear compensation program. This means that once you join, everyone who joins the company after you will be placed under you and you will actually be able to get paid off of all of them. This is a really cool concept once you get it. The one thing about it that really excites me is that it is a simple program that helps people get profitable quicker. If you understand this you will never quit and that is why the retention rate is so high. If you have a product on automatic re-order that is making you a profit do you think you would quit getting it? Heck no you wouldn't and I haven't even covered the fact that the products are out of this world fantastic. The products have changed my life and they are for thousands and thousands of people and we are still a ground floor company.

And there are still 3 other ways you get paid that are just as exciting if not more, but I won't get into that right now. You can find out more by watching the video's at

One24 is beginning to go viral and is currently in the United States only with plans to expand internationally very, very soon. The concept is sound, it has been proven to work and the momentum is growing. It will be very interesting to see the impact once more and more top mlm leaders see this. Quite frankly I think it will scare a lot of them and they will try to attact this concept. One24 PC's are actually capped at $100,000 per month on the green side and $100k per month on the platinum side. That is enough for me!! lol. It is too simple and makes sense.

So if you are looking into this industry for the first time make sure you compare plans. If you are a seasoned veteren keep an open mind you are about to go thru a paradim change.

You need to find out more at

Friday, October 7, 2011

How to win in this Economy

The economy hasn't been getting any better but we think we have an answer.  How would you like to be able to start a business from home that could lead you to a 7 figure income?   Think about the fact that Mark Zuckeberg started Face Book for about $1000. But most of us don't have the computer knowledge of Mr Face Book, but most of us know at least a few people who would want to do the same thing. Sound to good to be true?  Well it isn't!

Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created a company by the name of One24online.  One24 is nutritional company that is just over 1 year old.  One24 is the first company in history to use a patent pending compensation program that allows the average Joe or Jane to be successful.

The company has created what it calls an Incentivized Referral Program.  The IRP is really the first of it's kind and is truly unique.  Mark Seyforth claims that once a person understands this marketing program that they would never quit this program.  The truth is the more I understand it myself I would have to agree!

The IRP is incredibly unique because of the way it is designed.  Each person who joins One24 is issued 24 Green Tickets which they get to use.  The PC as they are called is allowed to sponsor 1 other person per month by giving that person one of their green tickets.  The simplcity of this approach is incredible.  You see most people get so caught in bringing in a lot of people into the business it just gets overwhelming.  One24 keeps it simple. One24 does have a program for those that do with to build quicker and faster and it is called the Gold Rush.

Gold Rush is a great concept which allows those that want to build fast the opportunity bring in more people while at the same time offering some incredible incentive to those who are just cruising along.  What happens is on the 24th of each month all the green tickets which have not been used become up available and as long as you have used your 1 Green Ticket you are allowed to sponsor other people as long as their are tickets available.  The beauty of this program is that this merges both worlds and offers people who aren't building the chance to make money.  The person who uses the ticket and the person who's ticket was used share in the first  $200 of commissions.  So it is possible for someone to join One24, use the product and never sponsor anyone into the program and have the potential of earning $2400 a month!  This is in a perfect world but is possible.  The swining gate is another aspect of the Gold Rush that is incredible that I will not go into here but is really cool.

One24 has 2 products: Natraburst and Natraboost .  I won't go into a lot of detail here on the products but I will say this one thing.  The products are incredible!  I have been using the Natraburst for several months now and I absolutely love it.  Since using the Natraburst for breakfast my cholesterol has dropped over 100 pts and my good cholesterol has doubled.  My acid reflux that was making me misserable have diminished.  I love the Natraburst.  The Natraboost which is a new product is really cool also.  It is an energy boost product that works incredibly well.  The energy drink market is a $15 billion dollar industry and   the Natraboost comes in at about 1/2 the price with superior results.  Try it you will love it!

One24 has also just introduced a $25,000 sweepstakes that it will give away monthly along with other prizes.  In order for someone to be eligable for the $25,000 the One24 Pc would have to use their green ticket or anyone who is on the waiting list to join One24 will be eligable also, reguardless of whether they are part of One24 or not.  So if you would like to be eligable for the sweepstakes click here.
One24 Pc's are capped at $200,000 a month, $100k on the Green Side and $100k on the gold side.  One24 does require you to be a product of the product and use 1 product per month.  The cost of the product is $60 + $9.95 shipping, about $2.33 per day.  The compensation program also has another nuance in the silver program which is also a passive way for you to earn money. (see compensation program)

Bottom line is that One24 offers people the opportunity to start a home-based business for little or no money and offers you the opportuinty to earn a 7 figure income.  This company will explode on the scene in the fall of 2011 and will go viral very quickly.  This is a can't miss business.

To find out more about One24 or toget on the waiting list for One24 click here .


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One24 and Network Marketing

One24 is a company that has been in business just over 1 year and is re-writting the network Marketing industry. The new design that One24 uses has a lot of similarities to a typical network marketing company with some very unique differences. The main difference comes in the marketing program or compensation program. Have you looked at a compensation program from Visalis or LifeVantage? [caption id="attachment_122" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Please explain this"][/caption] It is very confusing and very hard to achieve. This does not make either one of these companies a bad company. It just makes them confusing. One24 has a simple program that makes it very simple to understand. It is very straight forward and people understand it very quickly. If people understand something they tend to make quicker decisions. Remember the whole business of network marketing is very,very simple. Use a product and share it with a friend and repeat. That's it. We don't need to make this business any harder then it has to be. [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Join me today"][/caption]

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Do you own your life? That is a very good question that was once asked of me. It made me stop and really start to think. "Do I own my life or does someone else," after some contemplation I realized I did not own my life, my company that I worked for owned my life and I really didn't have any control over it at all. My job was based on the emotional insecurity of someone 12 years younger then I was and to make it even worse was the fact that he was incompetent! Ask yourself these questions: - Can you leave work whenever you want? - Can you show up to work whenever you want to? - Can you take time off work whenever you choose to? - Can you increase your income whenever you choose to? - Do you still get paid whether you are there or not? These are questions I asked myself and did not like the answers to and I think you don't like your answers either. I am offering you a chance to own your life, a chance to vacation whenever you want to, to throw away your alarm clock forever. A chance to work with the people you choose to work with. No more politics, no more b.s.. A chance to be debt free and have 100% total control of your life. And this is for real! Check it out!



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Social & Network Marketing

Social & Network Marketing

Why you should never quit One24 and why you should be a part of it

Hot off the presses from Doc Fran: Dear Team, It’s Sunday, September 11, 2011 and I ‘m looking forward to the brightest future imaginable thanks to ONE24. I want to give you some stats to think about as we are progressing steadily towards our individual Financial Security with this amazing business model. I have enrolled 9 Greens and 4 Golds personally since December, 2010. At the end of August, total Residual income equals just under $13,000, on a total cost of $750, yielding an ROI of 1633%! That equates to $1444 per month from day 0 in December or a staggering $1000 per personal enrollment! And, Team, it’s all RESIDUAL Income, not inflated front-end bonuses and business builder pack baloney. If that doesn’t stoke your fire, consider this. The Silver Performance Bonus pool is the sleeping Giant for all of us. This month it went from under 1/10 of a penny to .001347, with the increase in % in the pool. As we grow now through the fall, that value will continue to grow. Let’s look at some real numbers. At 20,000 Silver PCs at .002 (2/10 of a penny), 1 share in the pool equals $40, 5 share = $200. At 50,000 Silver PCs at .005 (1/2 penny), 1 share =$250, 5 share =$1250. 100,000 Silver PCs at .01 (1 penny), 1 share = $1000, 5 share = $5000. Have I got you attention? Do you understand why I train to never quit? Do you understand the value of enrolling just 1 person who enrolls 1 person, now? Can you start to BELIEVE that you and everyone will truly make it in this company if you simply stay the course. I’m totally excited and hope that you will let yourself get excited too. Below is an excellent video email from one of our emerging leaders, Greg Stadler, who gets it. I’m sending it out, and urge you to take it to heart. Thank you Greg, keep up the good work. Happy waitlisting. Regards, Docfran .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

One24 is Unique!

I get asked quite often, "What makes One24 so different"? You know that is a very fair question that I will try to explain. Let's start from the beginning. I was first introduced to this industry in 1986 while I was on business is Salt Lake City, Utah. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that I was less than impressed. I had known some people in one of those companies, you know the Amway’s and herbalife people and I knew way more than they did! Boy was I stupid, I really knew nothing about any of these companies and made a judgment without ever really looking into it. By the way the first person who introduced me to this industry and I laughed at was one of the founders of a small company that is still around today. It was called NuSkin, maybe you have heard of it.. Haha Anyway, fast forward a few years and I got to know a gentleman by the name of Hector LaMarq. Hector was one of the top producers for another company that many people scoffed at called A.L. Williams. I got to know Hector and realized what the industry really had to offer. It offered people the opportunity to create a great life style which included money and time freedom. You see at the time, I was doing sales training for many fortune 200 companies and was friends who were making alot of money and also killing themselves with the hours they were working. I was hooked on the industry. I got involved with a few companies with limited success. I started by getting back in touch with some people I knew from NuSkin. I spent the $300 to get started, then the $2000 to move up in rank and began to build. I was doing meetings and talking to people with robust enthusiasm. I was sponsoring people and buying video tapes to pass out and I was excited. I think I got up to the 2 Star level and started to create a small check. I was doing it full time at the time. I remember getting a check for $2000 and I was excited, but then some of my people began to break away from my group (that is the way they were structured) and I needed my own group volume. So whatever I was short I would just stock up on product. At first I was $300 short, so I bought the product and put it on the shelf. I figured spending $300 to get $2000 wasn't so bad but then the next month I was $600 short because I had to sell the other $300. This continued to happed to where I was almost spending as much as the check. Debt began to pile up and I was out of the business and in debt. So time to get a job and look for another company. I figured it was my fault because let's face it I was a 25 year old male trying to sell skin care products. No wonder I failed. So I continued to search and read Money Makers Monthly. A magazine about MLM companies in the 80's. I came across a nutrition company called Body Wise International. This would be a perfect fit. I was athletic and a former Marine who could stand to lose a few pounds, this one would work. And at first it did. I got on the product and had fabulous results, lost weight, lowered my cholesterol, fantastic. I began to build my group and my checks continued to grow. I was selling products and the group was growing. The checks hit 2 then 3 thousand dollars a month. My group started to number in the thousands, but I wasn't getting paid on all of them. The company compensation program required me to hit certain levels and maintain certain volumes if I wanted to get paid on the entire group. I needed to get to the next level to get promoted, so what did I do? I bought enough product to get me to that level, another $2000 for the next level. When I say another $2000 I forgot to mention at the time they told me if I was really committed I would come in at the TOP LEVEL. Ever heard that one before? Thought so. Well back to the story. Guess what started to happen again? You guessed it, I started buying more product to stay at each level and I needed more and more each month. After a while, I just couldn't do it anymore, my wife was pregnant with my son and I had to go out there and get a real job. I did get a real job and have earned 6 figures every year since then, but I always loved the network marketing industry. You see at the time I never blamed anyone for my failure except myself, and to this day I still don't. I dabbled in and out of the industry for the next 14 years but never really put my heart and soul into it again. Getting crushed twice was enough for me and I was making a damn good living, even though I never really enjoyed it. I liked the money but not the job. I learned too much from being involved in the network marketing industry. I knew one day I would try to get back into the industry. Then came the crash of 2008 and all of our 401k's began to disappear, compensation was getting slashed, people were getting laid off right and left, companies were disappearing overnight. It was a real wake up call for my generation (baby boomers). We realized we were not in control. I have actually gone thru 3 pay cuts in 3 years. All the sudden money got tight. It was not a good feeling and something that I had not gone thru in many years, and I did not like it at all. Let me tell you something else, I struggled at times when I was younger without kids, it is 100 times worse to struggle when you do have kids. Many of you know what I am talking about. I began to search for Network Marketing companies. I still had a job and a good income and I needed something that I could do on the side. I would spend time in the evening on the computer trying to find the next great company, something that fit. I had already gone thru most of them over the years, Herbalife,Shaklee,Orenda. You name it and I probably tried it or at least the products. I spent thousands of dollars on products but nothing really excited me. I would always start at the TOP PACKAGE. Trump network, Xyngular and then The Numis Network. I was actually beginning to build a group with the Numis Network. If fact some of my old video's are still floating around out there somewhere. I find it hilarious when I come across them. Then one night close to Christmas I came across a post on Face Book by someone I had met online. I wish I could put into words the way I felt when I watched the video of Mark Seyforth. I knew this was the company. Low start up, ground floor and great leadership. It just made sense. In fact I joined the waiting list right away. I still remember the email back from my sponsor asking me if I was ready. My response was "absolutely". I mean it was only $69.95 a month and I was use to buying in these companies for thousands. I knew this company was different. I knew that this was something that I could build part time around my 60 hour work week and I knew this one was entirely duplicate able and ANYONE could do it. Most of my friends were like me. We worked our ass off and barely had time for anything, except the occassional round of golf. About the third month was when the lights really came on. It hit me like a ton of bricks. If the other companies were structured like One24 I would have had a very nice residual income. This is when I realized the complete difference between One24 and network marketing. The requirements to get PAID. One24 pays you right from the beginning. If I sponsor 1 person and that person goes on to build a group of 10,000 people, I get paid on them all the way down 12 levels without doing anything else. Do you realize how important that is!!! It is what we always thought network marketing could be but never was. Mark Seyfoth had figured it out. That one thing makes all the difference in the world. People are not spending thousands going in debt chasing their dreams. They can still chase their dreams without risking their future. There is not risk with One24. They have laid out a plan that anyone can follow, no matter what your budget is. Your only requirement to get paid is for you to use the product and order 1 unit per month. That is it!! You may also want to spend $19.95 a month on the most incredible marketing funnel that has ever been created for on line and off line marketing. I have only touched the surface of what One24 is all about and you need to check out the 3 minute video at the link above. It is incredible to be able to recruit people and know that they won't go broke chasing their dream and the only way they will fail is to quit. I didn't even tell you about the linear compensation plan were you are paid on everyone who joins after you. You will have to see that one for yourself. One24 will change this industry forever. No more spending thousands to get started at that top level. It makes me crazy when I hear someone even mentions the TOP LEVEL PACKAGE. I know that thousands of people have been very, very successful in a lot of these programs. But I also know of the large numbers of failures. They say that there is a 75% to 97% failure rate in this industry. That means that as little as 3 out of every 100 people actually sticks around and makes money. With One24 we are seeing a 90% retention rate. Unreal. Anyway this was long I know, but you really need to check out One24 and see what it is all about. Thanks,,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why One24 is not MLM

Many people are confused as to why we state that One24 is not an MLM company. I hope this will provide the answer they seek.

A La David Letterman:


10.) No structure or volume requirements to get paid

9.) No Rank structure

8.) No "Builder Pack" or enhanced enrollment option

7.) No enrollment or Front-end Loading Bonuses

6.) Compensation is pure Residual income based on product sales

5.) Truly level playing field, everyone has the same potential to reach the top incomes

4.) Compensation plan is engineered to provide 100% potential to succeed

3.) MLM Compensation Plans are engineered to provide 20 % potential to succeed

2.) Compensation Plan fosters 90% + Retention vs MLM Plans which create 80%+ Attrition




Bruce Patrick

Friday, August 26, 2011

Something to think about with One24

Future retirees, and those on the side lines on my waiting list or reviewed to company and have not got on the waiting list yet.


I was just studying the compensation plan for One24. I'll be brief as possible. Just wanted you to think about this, this will blow your mind.
You know we get paid four ways, Green, Gold, Silver and Platinum income right. The Silver Pool share is based on the total gross sales of the company, divided by the number of people qualifying for shares.
Now, this is the least talked about income in One24 because it seems so small as first... Just bare with me a minute. The Silver Bonus works like this... For each personal enrollee that you sign up, When they get their first person, green or gold, that gets you one share of silver bonus. Now this progresses through the first 5 partners that you enroll in One24 personally, no matter if they come in green or gold. Ok. so when you have 5 personal enrollees and each one of those have 1, you have 5 shares of silver bonus income, that's the max, 5 shares. Now when you have 5 shares, the company multiplies the number of Silver PC's below you by a factor of 5. So if you have 10,000 PC's which you will have in just a few short months easy, they multiply 10,000 times 5, giving you 50,000 shares. Now the silver share values fluctuates based on Company volume, and has ranged from as high as .05 cents to .0001... one tenth of a cent as it was last time, and that's the lowest it will go. It will get bigger as the company grows and also adds the many products that they will be adding. So in the above example 50,000 shares X's .0001 = $50.00 right? Not a lot to get excited about right? WRONG!!! I'll tell you why...
Here is what is exciting me. If you remember that EVERYONE that joins One24 after the minute you join goes in below you in a linear line Right? EVERYONE!!! At this time the Company is only a oe so year old, and just starting to get into momentum, and has about 35,000 or so enrolled now. So somebody already has 35000 silvers PC's now, but here's the thing. As you heard the founder Mark Seyforth say on last Thursday nights call, they are starting their MILLION ENROLLEE MARCH. And they will get their 1,000,000 PC's over the next 12 months, that and more I believe. In fact get your calulator out and mulitply 40000 X's 2, which is only each person in the Company getting 1 person a month, you hit a 1,280,000 in 5 months... Expediential growth starts occurring just like you will see with your green and gold income. The first months it seems slow then, bam, the growth starts multiplying faster and faster. So for sure in the next year One24 will hit a million people!!! So...

So at some point in the not to distant future, each one of you reading this email WILL HAVE 1,000,000 silver PC's in your down line. IT WILL HAPPEN!!! Now let's do some math OK? 1,000,000 silver PC's X's the multiplier of 5 for having a fully qualified silver bonus share holder gives you 5,000,000 shares. Then simply multiply 5,000,000 times the lowest share value of .001, a measly tenth of a penny and you get $5000.00 DOLLARS. YES you heard right!
$5000.00 in monthly residual income just in Silver Bonus alone!!! And remember, you will also be getting your green and gold income. And if you build it your Platinum as well. Also some may want to do what me and my wife are going to do. I am signing her up next month on my green ticket and while I'm building my retirement income, we will be building hers as well. SO in the above example, together we would be getting $10,000.00 per month in real walk away income with just the silver bonus ALONE! Now do you see why I'm so pumped about this fantastic life changing compensation plan and Company? It truly is BRILLIANT!!!

Pass this to your prospects or partners, and happy sleeping if you can ;o)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Incredible One24 Call and what lies ahead

Hello everyone,

If you didn't hear the call tonight you certainly missed something special. Mak went thru 10 things which will cause One24 to create some incredible, ground breaking growth over the next 3-6 months and it is phenominal. Joe also gave some more information on the Natraboost product that will be coming out any day now. In fact you should be able to begin ordering it Monday. Keep your eyes open for an e-mail.

Natraboost will be operating in the $15 billion dollar energy drink market with a product that will blow them away. Who doesn't know anyone who uses Red Bulls or Monster drinks? We all do and the One24 product will create approximately 70 servings. That is under $1 per drink!!!! If that doesn't reak of opportunity then nothing will.

This is truly an exciting time with One24! With the structure of the program and the march to a million distributors why wouldn't you want to get in and stick around to see what happens. Worst case scenerio isyou save some money, best case scenerio is you change your life forever.

Let's face it, in today's crazy economic times you need to be doing something to protect yourself.

If you missed the call it will be posted early next week on the media site.

Hope to talk to you all soon,

Join me

To be average, accept average, to be great, accept greatness!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

One24 is on the rise

One24 was created by Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry a little over a year ago. It is a program that was created out of a love hate relationship with the MLM industry. Mark and Joe loved the industry but hated the failure rate! People in the MLM industry fail because they are designed for the average person to fail. One24 was designed so that everyone could succeed and not fail!

Launched July4th,2010 the company is just over 1 year old and has plans to expand to Cananda, Mexico and Thailand later this year. The poduct Nataburst is absolutely incredible and with the addition of Natraboost later this month, the sky is the limit.

Mark and Joe were also the founders of Seyforth labortories which saw tremendous growth in the seventies, another time when our country was going thru some tough times. Tough times create some tremendous opportunities for people to succeed. There is a deep need today in our country. People are scared and looking for some kind of security, that is what One24 offers ( ) . If you want to achieve your dreams and be part of a company that will change this industry forever then join us.

The beauty of One24 is that there is room at the top for everyone. Our top distributors are capped at $100kper month and we want you to achieve that with us.

For more information go to Http://

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One24 will go viral!

One24 is about to explode!

One24 is about to explode and go viral and when it does you really want to be part of it.  Today we live in an era when something goes viral it does so incredibly fast.  to illustrate this point, last week I had a friend post a video on Face book from you-tube.  I watched the video and found it quite interesting.  So what do you do when you find something interesting?  You re post it.  A few days later I was telling a friend about it and said let me show you.  So I pulled out my smart phone and let him watch it.  I was amazed that there were over 1.2 million views.  When I had watched it 2 days before I think the views were at 3000.  Now that is going viral!

Today we live in a fast paced, ever changing society.  We are all linked throughout the world one way or another.  It is absolutely crazy to think that 500,000,000 people are on face book alone.  Think about my last statement, face book, you tube and smart phone.  Five years about you would have thought I was talking in a foreign language.  You would have had no idea what I was talking about.  Today information travels so fast that we need to stay ahead of it, and One24online is about to explode in the next 12-24 months like you will not believe. 

One24 ( has created a company that can help anyone achieve their dreams.  It is a simple,easy and duplicate able system that anyone can follow.  With the power of the internet and the down fall of the American economy we are poised for incredible growth.

The timing is perfect,  the corporate structure is in place and it is poised for incredible growth.  Low overhead, great product and an opportunity to earn $100,000 a month are right in front of you.  Join us and you can make all your dreams come true in the next 24 months.

Create your own future!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keep Going

Fountain of Youth

But guess what, you are going to run out there like you have just discovered the "Fountain of Youth". This is where you need to be careful, this is where you will start to see people's eye's roll when you approach them. I have sat my friends down and asked them point blank. "what don't you like about network marketing?" Most of the time when I approach people with this question I get the same answer. "Well nothing, I just don't like people preaching to me." It is really interesting when you open up some good dialouge with people. In fact I do not approach anyone with a presentation anymore! I simply refer people to a website in which they can learn how to retire in 24 months, If they are interested then great, let's rock and roll, if not, so be it, nothing has changed. It really can be that simple with the right program.

So you decided that you want more, that you want to change your financial situation or you decided you want to run your own business. You decided that you were tired of making someone else's dreams come true and decided that you still have a few dreams of your own. You researched all the different opportunities that were available on-line and you were shocked to find that there were SO MANY! You locked in on a company or opportunity in the network marketing industry and you were excited and ready to go! It was time to change your life!

"If only it was that easy."

If only it was that easy! If only everyone we knew understood what you just found out about this industy. When you break it down, this industry is so simple that it is almost scarry. All we have to do is use our product and share the opportunity and product with other people. If everyone uses the product and shares it with a few people and this continues the sky is the limit. Just do the math 3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 and then assume everyone is using just $50 a month in products. It becomes pretting amazing. In the example above you would be generating $79,716,150 in business and would be spending no more then $50 a month yourself. Is that crazy or what? That is the power of duplication, that is the power of this industry.

Now remember that along the way you are going to face some tough challenges, but all those challenges can be overcome, you need to just KEEP GOING. If you truly want to achieve everything that you have set out to achieve, you can, but you can not quit and you are going to have to work your ass off to keep focused on what you truly want. That is why you will always here people talk about your "Why". You need to find out what your motivation is, What will keep you going. Remember this simple plan, you only need to find 1 person a month, and if you did this and taught your people to do the same thing, then nothing can stop you!choosing the right company .

But you need to keep going even through the tough times, because your are going to have them. Your going to push and push and push and you are going to stumple and you are going to fall down. You are going to have times when you won't want to talk anymore people. Your going to have times when you don't want to write another blog, pass out another flyer or put another post on Face Book. It is going to happen, just remember to Keep Going. If you keep going and don't quit then you will not fail. Make sure you choose your company wisely, that is another story. see:

The bottom line here is do not give up. You decided to chase your dreams again. Do not let someone or something stop you this time. It is 100% in your control this time. There are no more excuses, it is up to you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chase Your Dreams

Chase your dreams and don't ever stop!

Do you have a dream?  Do you dream of having complete financial control of your life? Do you dream of having your own boss?  Of course you do!  You want the American Dream.  But remember something, it is the "American Dream" not the "American Gift".
I am amazed at how skeptical people in this country have become.  People get so worn down from trying to be successful and failing  that they just quit trying.  We try when we are younger to get ahead and then we start a family.  We get comfortable and then we start to get insecure.  We have kids in school and a family to support that we decide that we can't take chances anymore.  We have to save for the new home, save for school and put food on the table.  Our dreams begin to die because we have changed those dreams for other dreams.  Our dreams go away and we begin to start dreaming for our children.  We hope that they finish law school, we hope that they survive high school and everything we do, we do for them!  Sound familiar?
What if I told you that you can still have your dreams and not sacrifice your life any longer.  To me that is what One24 offers.  It offers people just like you and me the opportunity to pursue our dreams without sacrificing anything else in our lives.  One24 lays out a program, that if you follow, will allow you to retire in 24 months with a potential residual income that would blow your mind!  The beauty of the program is that you can work it just a few hours a week and it is so simple it almost seems unbelievable!
Take your life back, show your kids that you can dream again.  Stop worrying whether your boss is going to be in a good or bad mood today.  How would it feel to not worry about money again. To be able to travel at the drop of a dime.  To throw away the alarm clock.  That is what One24 offers and it is a program that is different from anything that you have ever seen. It is not MLM or Network Marketing, it does not cost a lot to get started and anyone can do it.
If you are ready then check out my site and join me.  Dream again and this time achieve your dreams.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Changing lives!

I absolutely get some of the most inspiring and gut wrenching e-mails from people who are looking for a better way, for a way to change their lives, for a way to stop living pay check to paycheck! And on one level it get me excited to see the human spirit, that sense of pride that we are helping to change lives. Then on the other hand it gives me a tremendous sense of responsibility. As leaders we are responsible for helping people to achieve success. We are responsible for making sure that we are doing what we are doing for the right reason!.


For years I really didn't understand what what this industry was really about and yet it was all right in front of me. I met countless leaders in countless companies who seemed to have it all yet I was missing what they truly had! They had people and families that were in-debted to them for changing their entire lives. They were responsible for the greates gift that they could possibly give people, their lives!

Time and freedom from the pressures of work. Time to have enough money were bills and expenses were no longer an issure. That is what we give people and when you start giving that to people it is no longer about the money! I will keep the money but thanks

But the greatest gift is what we offer people! We change lives!

So the next time you approach people with what you are offering, realize that is more out of love then about income!

This industry rocks!

Thanks for stopping by,

Bruce Patrick

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Success in Network Marketing

Success and Failure:

Success in this industry is not difficult. The difficulty is finding a company that you can afford to stay with, that doesn't penalize you for your learning curve, and that you believe in enough to share with everyone you know and come in contact with.

There are a lot of people out there now days advertising that you don't need to talk to your friends and relatives in order to be successful in this industry today. I will agree and disagree with what they are teaching. Do you need your friends and relatives to join you to be successful in network marketing? The answer is no, but in my opinion if you have really found something that you believe in you won't be able to stop yourself. And to me that is a good thing. Now, they may not join you right away, but you know what, some of them will. In fact more of them then you think! And we all need this in our program to truly create duplication and create a large group. This is why belief is so, so important. If you believe, I mean truly believe then they will see it. There are so many of us who get invovled, and we want to believe, but it just has not been intrenched into our soul. That is why some people get off to a slow start and others just go to town.

Think about this! What would you do if you knew you could not fail and you could earn a million dollars a year for the rest of your life, not have a boss and do whatever you wanted to do, whenever you wanted to do it! What would you do?

If you truly believed this you would work 80 hours a week, you would never put down the phone, you would talk to everyone you knew and everyone you didn't know. You would pass out business cards and direct people to your websites, you would pass out flyers, do trade shows, you name it, you would do it. My only question is why aren't you?

Because as much as you want to believe, some of you don't truly believe. We want to think we believe, bud do we? It is kind of like when we want to go swimming, some people will just jump right in, but then there are some of us that want to test the water temperature first. So we slowly stick in our big toe, then our foot and we ease into it. Some of us just take our own sweet time, and that is ok. Just make sure you eventually get all the way in.

If you can get to that level, were you truly believe and you are invovled in the right company, see choosing the right company. Then nothing will stop you. Because you will take massive action and that is all it takes. Massive consistent action and you will be successful. You actions must be consistent. You will go thru periods were you have your highs and lows. That is why it is important to be with the right company. Be careful not to be part of a company that wants you to keep buying levels.

That is all for now,\

Thanks for stopping by

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing Like One24!

All I can say is Wow!!

I have tried a lot of things over the years, success with some, but mostly failures!. It wasn"t until I found One24 that everything started to click. The reason everything started to click was because of what has been created with One24.

If you know anything about network marketing, you know the pluses and minuses of this industry. I have come across a company that just blows my mind away. Finally there is a company that anyone can be successful at, there is a company that anyone can get started in and not go broke, This is the company that will change this industry forever!!!!!

How would you like a company that you could not fail at? What if you had a company that made so much sense that 7 out of 10 people who really looked at it joined! What if you found a company that had a 90% retention rate?

This company is so incredible that I can not put it into words, you need to see for yourself.

Take 3 minutes and watch a video that will introduce you to a concept that you won't be able to believe. But you know what? It is happening and this is truly a ground floor opportunity.

You can find out why I am so excited at and yes you will have to put in some information, but dont worry, I won't bother you. Either you will seee it, or you won't.

This really works at making money!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time for the One24 Gold Rush!!

If you want to part of One24 without waiting any longer then it is time to get in On this months GOLD RUSH...
For the next few days, or till the Green Tickets are used up, you can join me in One24.
Go to my website and at the top of the Page click
Gold Rush . Enter you information and join us.
There has never been any program developed like One24.  Were else have you heard of someone sponsoring someone, WHO SPONSORS NO ONE, who you eventually earn $7500 a month off of? 
Sound crazy?  It is, because of the GOLD RUSH and the swinging gate, it does happen.
Most of you are on this list because at one time, you showed an interest in changing your life.  You were looking for something that would make a difference.
If you ready join today!  If you need more information go to my website and look around.  There is a lot of good information about why I feel that this is the program you have been looking for.
Thanks and have a life changing day.
Bruce Patrick

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tired of failing at MLM or Network Marketing?

Tired of failing in Network Marketing?

I will make this one quick and I will do a video about this later. This is mind blowing once you truly understand the TRUTH. This article is primarily for people who have been involved with network marketing in the past and failed. I know why it happened.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about this concept. In fact I just had a conversation with a friend of mine about network marketing. His comment was, "I have tried a lot of those but don't have time for that now", I think he is on his 4th job in 2 years, a victim of the economy.

What does that mean? " I tried a lot of them". It means he gets it! Almost all of us who have ever been involved in Network Marketing, get it! We know that what it offers is absoulutely amazing. We begin with the dream and it dies on the vine!!!! But why? Thinking back I know the reasons why. Some of them are not so obvious, but once you hear them I think a light will go on.

The reasons why people fail are pretty basic for the most part. You don't share it with enough people because you don't know how, you quit too soon because you can't afford the product, your business becomes an expense, instead of an income stream, You can't handlle the rejection, you don't have enough time.

Well those are your basics, but there are a few more: There are a lot of people who fail after having some success. I fell into that catagory a couple of times. For those of you who have had some success with Network marketing you will totally relate to this.

The way typical network marketing companies are set up. You are required to maintain a certain amount of retail sales or group volumes in order to get paid. Think about that for a second, let's say I recruited Tom, and Tom went out there and sponsors thousands of people who generate tens of thousands of dollars in salse. Even though I may be responsible for recruiting Tom, unless I meet certain requirements I will not get paid on Tom's group. Or even worse, some companies say that if I don't meet certain group volumes over the course of a year, I could lose Tom completely and anyone else I sponsored who is doing well.

This is what causes people to go broke in Network Marketing. This is what gets people in debt. It was for me. I had to put thousands of dollars in product on my credit cards to make sure I qualified to get my check. This is so very, very common. How many companies have you seen were people talk about coming in at the "TOP LEVEL". That usually means, the most expensive level. Also most minimum PV or personal volumes are usually several hundreds of dollars per month.

I still think starting your own company for $2000 is still an incredible deal. But the fact of the matter is most people, are not true business people. They are just averagre, everyday Joe's looking for a better way to live and take care of their families. And with this design, network marketing is responsible for billions of dollars of sales world wide and that there are currently over 36 million people involved in this industry.


With One24, Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created the most incredible business concept that has ever been created. They are definitely on the forefront of something very new and something truly incredible. They have created a company that eliminates 99% of the reasons why people fail in this industry. They have created the first I.R.P ever. This technically is not a MLM company, but relies on many of the same concepts. Mark and Joe have created a program were if you were to sponsore 1 person, like Tom, who took off and built a huge organization, you would get paid on all of it down 12 levels. You do not have to stock inventory in your garage. Your only monthly requirement, is to buy 1 unit of Natraburst and month, about a $70 investment with shipping. And after sponsoring 1 PC you are paid all the way down 12 levels. That is it! And the beauty of this product, is that will save you money every month off your food bill. I have replaced a meal a day with Natraburst, and it has more then paid for itself. My doctor was actually shocked when after changing nothing else, except adding Natraburst, my cholesterol went down over 80 pts. To me that is amazing..

There are several ways that One24 pays people. I challenge anyone to honestly compare this company to anything that is out there. The concept is sound, the products are incredible and the leadership is awesome.

Mark and Joe have eliminated the things that cause us to dis-like network marketing and have included all the things that allow us to love network marketing. There is so much more that I could say about One24 but I don't want this to be 20 pages long. No more presentations, no more rejection, no more debt, you don't have to worry about a relative getting involved and going broke. Anyone can do this, and how would your attitude change if you knew that anyone could be successful at it. That is for another time...

Check out One24 and give me your feed-back

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One24 will Change the World!

Why One24 will change this industry forever!!

Let me tell you a little about my experience with network marketing in the past and why I know One24 will change this industry forever.

I was first introduced to the network marketing industry in 1985.  At first, I was the biggest skeptic in the world, but that soon ended when a friend of a friend, started earning several million dollars a year.  That would make the biggest skeptic stand up and take notice.

So needless to say I got involved. First company that I got involved in was a company most people are familair with called Nu Skin.  I was so excited I could not sleep, I had the videos, I studied the comp plan, I became an expert.  I poured my heart and sole into that company.  I had reached a point were I was making about $1500-$2500 a month, not bad!  The problem was that I was pumping most of that money back into the products so that I could receive my check.  Well that worked for awhile, at least until they reposesed my Jeep for not having insurance!  Not a good feeling!

Here comes company 2: Body Wise International:  A company with what I would consider to be the most incredible nutritional products ever created.  I got on those products and lost so much weight and felt great.  It was so obvious that people who knew me wanted to take the products also.  I had found the mother load.  I eventually built an organization of a couple thousand people and was doing pretty good.  I was making 3-4k a month and guess what?  I was pumping money back into products so that I could receive my check every month!

See a patern here yet?  Bottom line this is were the love hate relationship comes from in Network Marketing.  The concept works, that is indisbutable.  People make millions, that is a fact also.  But the sad fact is that after awhile even people that were successful, fail. 

Why is that, why do people fail?  The answer is easy once you realize what you are looking at.  It took me forever to really look at it and understand it. It took Mark Seyforth to open my eyes. People fail because of the system and marketing plans and the way they are set up.  They are set up with the company in mind and have total disreguard for the distributor!!!  Do you realize that if you do not meet the company requirements you could lose your whole business or not get paid on the business you are responsibel for generating!!

That is how I lost 2 organizations that I had built over 25 years ago.  It was not until I found One24 online that my eyes were truly opened up.  This is by far and away the most incredible company that I have ever found.  What they are doing is taking the good of network marketing and getting rid of the bad.  If I would have started my career with One24 I guarantee I would be a retired millionaire today!!

Imagine a company were you can build at your own pace and not worry about losing your down line.  As Mark Seyforth calls it, you can have the "Eye of the Turtle or the Paws of the Puma" but you will still both get to the same place.  One may take a little longer but you will get there.

This brings me back to why I know One24 is going to be massive. Now I am not the worlds most social butterfly, in-fact because I work a lot of hours, I would say that I have one of the worst social circles you have ever seen.  I have worked 70 hours a week for the last 15 years, a couple of wives and kids and that took up most of my time.  Maybe the 70 hours a week had something to do with the first part!  I have tried countless opportunities over the years and with the exception of the first two, never received a check with any of the other companies. I still had the failth but I was a little burned out.  I kept looking and looking, I joined MLSP I watched every video known to man.  It drove me crazy, then one day I was online, face-book in-fact and I saw a video on One24.  At that point I knew, this was everything that I was looking for.  Prior to that, I didn't know why I failed in network marketing. Now looking back I figured it out. If I had been with a company without monthly volume requrements I would have never lost my down-line and it would still continue to grow today. I love network marketing and I love what it offers people.  It offers us all a chance to enjoy our lives and get out of the crap we calla job.  We get a chance to make our own dreams come true instead of someone else.  The only problem is that in the past the deck was stacked against us, with One24 they leveled the playing field.  They made it so anyone who sticks with it can be successful.

I just recently had to take some time off to take care of a sick mother.  If I would have been with a traditional network marketing company, I guarantee I would have quit.  Because of the way One24 is set up, I did what I had to do, cleared my head of what was going on, and when I was ready to jump back in, my organization had grown, and it didn't cost me a cent extra.  How amazing it that.

Anyone who loves the opportunity this business offers but hates the fact that the company can take it all away from you needs to find out more about One24.  This company allows you to work at your own pace without fear of losing your down-line.  The only way you can fail with One24 is to quit.  The product is awesome, the marketing plan is incredible and you won't go broke trying to get rich!!!!!

Find out more at It will change your life forever!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corporate Layoffs and Why People Need One24

Glad to be back!

Do you realize the importance of network marketing and what we have to offer people?

 Do yourself a favor and watch the movie "Company Men".  I had the opportunity to watch it while flying back from Miami.  Believe me I am not a big Ben Afflack fan but this movie is about a group of people who get laid off from their corporate jobs and what they have to go through

**News Alert** - Corporations do not care about you! They report to their shareholders who are concerned about profits...period!

That is probably one of my biggest challenges that I face in my life.  I am not a corporate guy, yet I work for a fortune 200 company.  I have sat in those meetings, it wasn't about people who helped build the company, it was about shareholders and percentages and profits.  I have seen people get forced out because their salaries could be replace by someone else for less money. I have seen people work their asses off to build a territory only to see it cut. I have watched salaries get cut by 30-40% while profits increase.  Enough to drive you crazy, just like the character Tommy Lee Jones plays in Company Men.  It is real world.

Solution? Network marketing or One24!  You don't have to hate your job to realize a great financial opportunity when you see one, and that is exactly what One24 is.  We can show people how they can build a "side" residual income that will be there when they need it.  One24 shows someone how they can retire in 18-24 months.  "Retire" does not mean you have to quit your job, it just means that if you wanted to quit your job, YOU COULD!  How would that make people feel?  To have that financial security.  To be able to do what you want,whenever you wanted to do it.  Let me say it again:


We offer that!  Who in the world does not want that?  When you really realize what we are offering to people it is hard to keep your mouth shut about it.

With One24 we have a totally turn key program that gives you a path to retirement in 18-24 months.  A road map to financial security.

What if you had an extra $10,000 a month in residual income?  How about 10X that.  Well it is all possible with One24 and we will show you how.

We have a 3 minute video which could start you down that patch of financial security and control of your life.  Join us


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One24 Overview. Is this for Real?

One24 – Company Overview and Highlights.

One24For anybody thinking of getting started with the new MLM company, One24 Online, wait! Hold on just a second. Make sure you understand everything on this page before you “sit” on someone’s One24 Waiting List. That’s right…before you can enroll in the One24 MLM program, you must first be placed on a waiting list. Why is that important? Well, it should make you think a little bit about who you join 124 online with, but I’ll address that issue further down the page.  I’m submitting the following One24 MLM review because this company happens to be so new that it is difficult to uncover almost any reliable facts. I’m going to provide you information about the founders of One24, the initial product (Natraburst), and 124 Online’s one of a kind compensation plan.
One24 – The Founders

One24 is the creation of Mark Seyforth, co-developer of the first multilevel back end commissioning program and 35 year direct sales veteran who was instrumental in launching a little company called Herbalife back in 1980. Seyforth also founded a one hundred million dollar organization while he in his twenty’s. As for his vision for One24, Mr. Seyforth was determined to create a system that individuals could get involved with where they could be profitable, where they should not fail, where they would not carry any kind of liabilities and there would be absolutely no attrition. His objective has been to develop a payment plan and (online) marketing strategy that would enable that to materialize. That’s all well and good…sounds like a nice fellow. But what about his reputation? I mean, someone who has been in network marketing and MLM for 35 years is bound to have rubbed someone the wrong way, right? Well, in my internet searches, I haven’t found anything at all. I’m not saying he’s a saint because I don’t know him personally. But I was convinced enough to join One24. Now let’s look at the product!

One24 Product – Natraburst

One24 has announced that they will eventually release more products. As of this writing NatraBurst is currently the one product available. NatraBurst is a potent blend of super foods. It is essentially a concentrated mixture of vegetables, fruits and proteins in a powder form. There are many reviews on the web about NatraBurst, but here is my own personal report. Though others mix it with milk or spread it on their food or make “smoothies”, I simply mix it with water. Natraburst, to my taste, is very sweet but contains 0 grams of sugar. My energy level seems to be higher but without a “spike and crash”. For me, the most noticeable effect has been a decrease in appetite. The product is professionally packed and shipped in a 30 serving container. The nice fact, with regards to the first One24 product, would be that the regular monthly auto-ship is just sixty dollars plus shipping. So getting involved with One24 is very affordable.
One24 – The Compensation Plan

The One24 compensation plan pays out an unheard of 50% of the company revenues and consists of 4 income centers – Silver, Green, Gold and Platinum. The Silver Income Center is part of the “Incentivized Referral Plan” which is a linear compensation plan where every new member (PC) is placed under you. It is design primarily as a quick start payment plan to help newcomers earn some money as they learn the business during the first 4 months. There is also an ongoing Silver income pool that continues to pay beyond the initial 4 months. Both of the Silver Income pools are based on the One 24 linear compensation plan.

The “retirement plan” portion of the One24 compensation plan is the Green Income Center. The Green income revolves around issuing the Green Tickets and pays you $1.50 for each member under you down through 12 tiers . BUT….you can only use 1 Green Ticket per month. Hence, the “Waiting List”. Remember the waiting list I mentioned earlier? Since you can only bring in one person each month, your waiting list can get backed up fairly quickly.

That brings me to the Gold Income Center. On the 24th of each month, you have an opportunity to allow everyone on your waiting list to join One24 through the Gold Rush. During the Gold Rush, your waiting list members can go back to your site and enroll in the One24 Program WITHOUT you issuing them a Green Ticket. The system will first search within your organization for any unused Green Tickets and if it finds one, it will assign it to them and your new Gold PC is off and running. In this scenario, you will be paid up to 12 tiers of compressed Green income AND Gold Income. AND since the system found the unused Green Ticket from within your organization, you will be paid again on your Green Tiers. Sort of double dipping!!! If there are no unused Green Tickets in your organization, the system will search company-wide and assign your waiting list member a Gold Ticket. In this scenario, you will be paid up to 12 tiers compressed Green AND Gold income.

The Platinum income center is based on 4% of the company’s total monthly sales. It is divided up into shares that are earned by the number of Active PCs in your organization. I will be dedicating an entire page on this site to go into more details of the One24 compensation plan soon. In the meantime, the videos on the following page:  One24 Training are a great starting point.

One24 – Is it Important To Join With A Winning Team!

One24 is primarily an online MLM opportunity. As such, doesn’t it make sense to join One24 with a team that has a commanding online presence? When you decide to join a business do you want to sit around on a Waiting List or do you want to get started as soon as possible?
Our team is dedicated to providing all the information and leads at our disposal.  We are currently creating a website were you can post your un-used green tickets, but with that said this business is so simple it should be ez for you to use them.

Come Join me at

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Are you looking for something different?

What are people looking for? Have you ever wondered? Why don't people join network marketing or MLM companies?

Let's see what does a network marketing company or opportunity have to offer?

-More Money
-More Time Freedom
-Chance to take control of their life
-Chance to spend more time with your family and be able to afford it
-A chance to help others change their lives
-No limits to their income or growth potential
-Doesn't matter were you come from or what your background is
-7 figure income potential
-No more boss
-Tax benefits-Pay less taxes
-Chance to do great things for your family.
-No Alarm clock
-Time and money to travel the world

I can see why people wouldn't be interested.  I mean who would want any of those things?
Some times it really makes you wonder what is going on in peoples heads.  What is it that prevents people from getting involved?

There can only be one thing  -BELIEF- People do not believe it can happen to them or do not believe they can do it.  But what people have to realize is, anyone can do it.  Think about this one fact, you only need to find 3 people who get it.  That is it, that is all it takes. Finding 3 people who get it and them finding ONLY 3 people who get it and so on.  Think about that a second.  You ONLY NEED TO FIND 3 PEOPLE WHO GET IT.  See chart

If you can find a program that you can stick with and not go broke, a company that does not require you to retail hundreds of dollars a month.  A company that helps you make money right away.

Think about it.  Having enough money to live any where in the world you want to.  Having enough money to send your kids to the best schools, buying your wife the wedding ring she truly deserves, buying your husband the car he has always wanted.  Traveling around the world with no time restraints.  How would you like everyday to be a weekend!  Throw away that alarm clock forever.  Who wouldn't want that!

I found a company that offers every thing you are looking for.  A company that anyone can do, regardless of your background or financial status.  A company that you can build fast or slow at your own pace.  A company that will not leave you behind.  If you want all the things that I talked about here, if you have failed in the past at network marketing or direct sales, if you have succeeded in the past, only to watch your down line dissolve.  If you believe there has to be something better then what you are doing now, then you need to find out about our company.  We have a 3 minute video that will explain the opportunity.  Take 3 minutes to find out how you could change your life.

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