Monday, September 12, 2011

Why you should never quit One24 and why you should be a part of it

Hot off the presses from Doc Fran: Dear Team, It’s Sunday, September 11, 2011 and I ‘m looking forward to the brightest future imaginable thanks to ONE24. I want to give you some stats to think about as we are progressing steadily towards our individual Financial Security with this amazing business model. I have enrolled 9 Greens and 4 Golds personally since December, 2010. At the end of August, total Residual income equals just under $13,000, on a total cost of $750, yielding an ROI of 1633%! That equates to $1444 per month from day 0 in December or a staggering $1000 per personal enrollment! And, Team, it’s all RESIDUAL Income, not inflated front-end bonuses and business builder pack baloney. If that doesn’t stoke your fire, consider this. The Silver Performance Bonus pool is the sleeping Giant for all of us. This month it went from under 1/10 of a penny to .001347, with the increase in % in the pool. As we grow now through the fall, that value will continue to grow. Let’s look at some real numbers. At 20,000 Silver PCs at .002 (2/10 of a penny), 1 share in the pool equals $40, 5 share = $200. At 50,000 Silver PCs at .005 (1/2 penny), 1 share =$250, 5 share =$1250. 100,000 Silver PCs at .01 (1 penny), 1 share = $1000, 5 share = $5000. Have I got you attention? Do you understand why I train to never quit? Do you understand the value of enrolling just 1 person who enrolls 1 person, now? Can you start to BELIEVE that you and everyone will truly make it in this company if you simply stay the course. I’m totally excited and hope that you will let yourself get excited too. Below is an excellent video email from one of our emerging leaders, Greg Stadler, who gets it. I’m sending it out, and urge you to take it to heart. Thank you Greg, keep up the good work. Happy waitlisting. Regards, Docfran .

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