Friday, July 23, 2010

What does it take to protect yourself now?

Have you ever wondered how we are going to protect our self financially for the future? My para dime has just totally changed. I am not really sure what happened between 18 and 47..... I woke up one day and one son was in law school at Ohio State, married and had a son of his own....
When did that happen???? The next thing you know gas was $4 a gallon and the economy was sinking faster then the Titanic.....
After that it just became a blur . My 401k became a 101k and we were all wondering were we were headed.

We woke up to find out that 90% of the people in our government were idiots and couldn't balance the check book of a teenage, and that we would have to be idiots ourselves if we believed that they had our best interest in mind. I could go on here for hours..... but I won't.... Maybe another time... ?

That leads us back to the question.... How are we going to protect ourselves financially?

Can we trust our Jobs? I don't, one thing I learned working for a fortune 200 company is that the bottom line is all that counts... As cruel as that sounds, that is a reality. I helped turn a company around over $1 million dollars and I was rewarded with a pay cut..... Guess I won't send them a Christmas card....

What is the solution? I honestly believe it is some form of Network Marketing. Find something that you like and something that you can start part time to earn a few extra bucks. I think between the combination of network marketing and the Internet, anyone can start off part time with a limited budget and create a nice steady supplemental income. I won't get into the fact that some people are making seven figure incomes with today's technology.

Anyway I will continue to blog from time to time... If for nothing else but to ramble and try to forward some use full information about creating additional income streams to protect yourself from the economic times of the day.

If you want to check out some of these ideas. click here 

We have also developped a turn key operation.

See you again soon