Thursday, June 16, 2011

Success in Network Marketing

Success and Failure:

Success in this industry is not difficult. The difficulty is finding a company that you can afford to stay with, that doesn't penalize you for your learning curve, and that you believe in enough to share with everyone you know and come in contact with.

There are a lot of people out there now days advertising that you don't need to talk to your friends and relatives in order to be successful in this industry today. I will agree and disagree with what they are teaching. Do you need your friends and relatives to join you to be successful in network marketing? The answer is no, but in my opinion if you have really found something that you believe in you won't be able to stop yourself. And to me that is a good thing. Now, they may not join you right away, but you know what, some of them will. In fact more of them then you think! And we all need this in our program to truly create duplication and create a large group. This is why belief is so, so important. If you believe, I mean truly believe then they will see it. There are so many of us who get invovled, and we want to believe, but it just has not been intrenched into our soul. That is why some people get off to a slow start and others just go to town.

Think about this! What would you do if you knew you could not fail and you could earn a million dollars a year for the rest of your life, not have a boss and do whatever you wanted to do, whenever you wanted to do it! What would you do?

If you truly believed this you would work 80 hours a week, you would never put down the phone, you would talk to everyone you knew and everyone you didn't know. You would pass out business cards and direct people to your websites, you would pass out flyers, do trade shows, you name it, you would do it. My only question is why aren't you?

Because as much as you want to believe, some of you don't truly believe. We want to think we believe, bud do we? It is kind of like when we want to go swimming, some people will just jump right in, but then there are some of us that want to test the water temperature first. So we slowly stick in our big toe, then our foot and we ease into it. Some of us just take our own sweet time, and that is ok. Just make sure you eventually get all the way in.

If you can get to that level, were you truly believe and you are invovled in the right company, see choosing the right company. Then nothing will stop you. Because you will take massive action and that is all it takes. Massive consistent action and you will be successful. You actions must be consistent. You will go thru periods were you have your highs and lows. That is why it is important to be with the right company. Be careful not to be part of a company that wants you to keep buying levels.

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