Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review of One24 (124online.com)

Oh Wow this is different!

When you first take a look at the One24 business you can tell from the start that it is a little bit different.
The founders Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have been around this industry for a long time. In fact in one of their first ventures they actually had a distributor in their organization by the name of Mark Hughes
Some of you may have heard of him, he was the founder of Herbalife many years ago. Well in the early days Mark manufactured a lot of the herbalife products for Herbalife thru Seyforth Labortories
They were also the first people to launch the milk shake diet (became quite the trend) and they were responsible for writing the first marketing plans geared for the back end or residual style income!
Based on those merrits I guess they have some street cred!
There new venture, which was just launced over a year ago is a little different from your typical network marketing company. The reason I say this is because there are no volume requirements to get paid and you don't have to sponsor a truck load of people to make money.
To me this one aspect is huge. It is hard to imagine getting paid down 12 levels and your only requirement is to order 1 product per month. This is one of the reasons the founders do not call this company a network marketing organization. In fact, the way it is set up is that once you join, everyone who joins the company after that comes in under you. They call this a linear compensation program. The people who join are called PC's (Preferred Customers) and they don't require you to stock a lot of inventory or retail products.
Green Tickets
I heard about this and once I understood it, it was quite unique. Once you join One24 you are issued 24 Green Tickets, and you are allowed to use only 1 per month. This is where their motto "Retire in 24 Months" comes from.
Another interesting aspect of One24 is that you are not allowed to join One24 until someone issues you a green ticket to use. Really? Everyone starts in the same spot, you can't buy your way to the top of leap over people or any of that other stuff. Their pc's are not trying to sell you the TOP PACKAGE, they are saying, join the company, use the product and share it with other people. I guess their won't be any garages full of their products anytime soon. This is what Mark Seyforth calls an Incentivized Referral Program or IRP. Refreshing!
The company now has two products, Natraburst, an incredibly formulated "Super Food". The ingrediants look impressive and Natraboost. Now the Natraboost is unique because it operates in the $15 billion dollar Energy Drink market. I tried it and I was quite impressed. It is a very strong competetor to the 5 hour energy drink at about 1/3 the cost.
One24 has also developed some very unique twists and turns to their marketing plan. In fact they are so unique that One24 has filed for a patent for their plan. The company has added twist so that the Marketing Superstars can join and build very quickly and establish a very solid foundation. The Plan is called the "Gold Rush". The Gold Rush allows any unused Green Tickets to be used by all PC's beginning around the 24th of the month. This concept is really cool because it allows the builder's to build and the little guy to get his Green Ticket swooped up and still benefit financially. It is truly unique.
Overall I think One24 is a very solid company with great products. One draw back that I found is that it does cap it's distributor's income at $200,000, but that is monthly so I guess that isn't too bad. The company pays out $.50 on every dollar that it takes in and that is certified by an independent accounting firm. You can e-mail me if you would like a copy of it. It is being posted soon and I am excited to see it. If they are paying out 50% that is one of the strongest payouts in the industry.
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