Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tired of the Tough Economic Times

Are You Tired of the Tough Economic Times? If you are tired of the tough economic times that people are having and the economy has effected you then let's do something to change it. Let's team up together and help people take control of their lives for the final time. People are sick and tired of being worried about their jobs and not having any control of their lives. I have to start over at 50 because I couldn't bow down to the corporate BS that really has no consideration of their Employees. Where their people are no more then a Percentage on financial statement. I have sat in meetings where they could care less how hard people work or how long the people have been employed by them. It sucks to lay off hundreds of employee's so that the stock goes up a few cents. How can you lay off thousands of employee's while at the same time paying your top executives million's of dollars? But that is their prerogative and it is our choice whether we work for them or not. "No More"

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