Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you own your life? That is a very good question that was once asked of me. It made me stop and really start to think. "Do I own my life or does someone else," after some contemplation I realized I did not own my life, my company that I worked for owned my life and I really didn't have any control over it at all. My job was based on the emotional insecurity of someone 12 years younger then I was and to make it even worse was the fact that he was incompetent! Ask yourself these questions: - Can you leave work whenever you want? - Can you show up to work whenever you want to? - Can you take time off work whenever you choose to? - Can you increase your income whenever you choose to? - Do you still get paid whether you are there or not? These are questions I asked myself and did not like the answers to and I think you don't like your answers either. I am offering you a chance to own your life, a chance to vacation whenever you want to, to throw away your alarm clock forever. A chance to work with the people you choose to work with. No more politics, no more b.s.. A chance to be debt free and have 100% total control of your life. And this is for real! Check it out!

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