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Monday, March 28, 2011

Marketing Online

I get a chance to interact with a lot of people on a daily business because of my involvement with this industry and IBO. I see so many different mentalities that it blows my mind. I can almost get a sense of who will do what with their company. I get the people who inquire about your company under the premise of being interested only to pitch their opportunity. God Bless these people, they are trying, but they will never get no where with me. I find it frustrating as hell and I try to be polite. They want to "argue" you into joining their company. Do not know if that was proper grammar, but I never claimed to be an English teacher. This is the wrong approach. There are thousands of great companies out there. Hopefully you feel your company is the best or you wouldn't be in it. I try to avoid recruiting people away from other companies. If people are looking for something and they find my program then fantastic. I found my company that I am with from Face Book. When I found it, it just made sense. But if I would have someone trying to convince me, I never would have joined. It has to be self discovery. The fact is most successful people have found success in their 5 or 6th program.

Any way, one thing I realized in this industry about sponsoring is this. Put the opportunity in front of people and let them make the determination themselves. I try not to explain my program over the phone, some times I brake my own rules, the reason being is I want the videos to do the presentation. I want it to be duplicateable so I avoid talking about the program over the phone as much as possible. Some times I catch myself and have to back up.

The reason I don't want to explain it, is because I want everything I do to be duplicate-able. I want people to realilze that they can do this. I do a lot of marketing thru social networks such as this one. Just because I do it, does not mean that my down-line has to do it. I do this for the benefit of my down-line and I share in the leads that I get on-line. If they decide they want to market this way also it is easy to teach, but you just need to dedicate a lot of time to it and be patient. I have spent hundreds of hours learning the things I learned to lead traffic boards. If someone wants to go down that path I don't mind teaching them. I just want them to realize it will take some time dedication, but I find it really keeps you focused on your main goal.

I tell people to start off the traditonal way. Make a list of all their friends and family but do not talk to them about this opportunity. Just give them a link to our website and see if they are interested, if they are they can join the waiting list. AND IT ENDS THERE!

To me it is that simple. There are a lot of people on line now days talking about building a network without ever having to talk to your friends and family. That is great, and there is some merrit to it, but you have to ask yourself, how duplicate-able is that?

How many people do you really know that will spend hours and hours learning everything there is to know about MLSP. I learned a lot about marketing on line from them, but I know a lot of people who there business became MLSP instead of their primary program. I have seen a lot of their top leaders become recruiting machines but they can not duplicate their success and they are dying on the vine in their primary business. I have seen people have success for six months, quit their primary business and start their own training programs on "How to be Successful Online" only $79.95 a month... At times this really gets my blood boiling.. but Lets not let that bother us.

The key is to keep it simple and straight forward and to have a program that once people look at it say " I can do this" if you get people to that point then you have a WINNER. People have to look at your program and be able to see themselves doing it. It has to be that simple. Once you find a company that has that you are on your way to success.

The main thing is create a FILTERING SYSTEM not a sales system. I don't want to sell anyone into my program. I want to give them the gift of my program. I want them to see how they can change their lives. If I have to sell you today I am going to spend all my time trying to get you to stay. Won't happen with me! If you want to join me, I will guide you and encourage you every step of the way. If you do not want to then it is entirely up to you. I do not have time for negative people. I love this industry because I deal with up beat positive people every day.

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IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

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