Saturday, September 3, 2011

One24 is Unique!

I get asked quite often, "What makes One24 so different"? You know that is a very fair question that I will try to explain. Let's start from the beginning. I was first introduced to this industry in 1986 while I was on business is Salt Lake City, Utah. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that I was less than impressed. I had known some people in one of those companies, you know the Amway’s and herbalife people and I knew way more than they did! Boy was I stupid, I really knew nothing about any of these companies and made a judgment without ever really looking into it. By the way the first person who introduced me to this industry and I laughed at was one of the founders of a small company that is still around today. It was called NuSkin, maybe you have heard of it.. Haha Anyway, fast forward a few years and I got to know a gentleman by the name of Hector LaMarq. Hector was one of the top producers for another company that many people scoffed at called A.L. Williams. I got to know Hector and realized what the industry really had to offer. It offered people the opportunity to create a great life style which included money and time freedom. You see at the time, I was doing sales training for many fortune 200 companies and was friends who were making alot of money and also killing themselves with the hours they were working. I was hooked on the industry. I got involved with a few companies with limited success. I started by getting back in touch with some people I knew from NuSkin. I spent the $300 to get started, then the $2000 to move up in rank and began to build. I was doing meetings and talking to people with robust enthusiasm. I was sponsoring people and buying video tapes to pass out and I was excited. I think I got up to the 2 Star level and started to create a small check. I was doing it full time at the time. I remember getting a check for $2000 and I was excited, but then some of my people began to break away from my group (that is the way they were structured) and I needed my own group volume. So whatever I was short I would just stock up on product. At first I was $300 short, so I bought the product and put it on the shelf. I figured spending $300 to get $2000 wasn't so bad but then the next month I was $600 short because I had to sell the other $300. This continued to happed to where I was almost spending as much as the check. Debt began to pile up and I was out of the business and in debt. So time to get a job and look for another company. I figured it was my fault because let's face it I was a 25 year old male trying to sell skin care products. No wonder I failed. So I continued to search and read Money Makers Monthly. A magazine about MLM companies in the 80's. I came across a nutrition company called Body Wise International. This would be a perfect fit. I was athletic and a former Marine who could stand to lose a few pounds, this one would work. And at first it did. I got on the product and had fabulous results, lost weight, lowered my cholesterol, fantastic. I began to build my group and my checks continued to grow. I was selling products and the group was growing. The checks hit 2 then 3 thousand dollars a month. My group started to number in the thousands, but I wasn't getting paid on all of them. The company compensation program required me to hit certain levels and maintain certain volumes if I wanted to get paid on the entire group. I needed to get to the next level to get promoted, so what did I do? I bought enough product to get me to that level, another $2000 for the next level. When I say another $2000 I forgot to mention at the time they told me if I was really committed I would come in at the TOP LEVEL. Ever heard that one before? Thought so. Well back to the story. Guess what started to happen again? You guessed it, I started buying more product to stay at each level and I needed more and more each month. After a while, I just couldn't do it anymore, my wife was pregnant with my son and I had to go out there and get a real job. I did get a real job and have earned 6 figures every year since then, but I always loved the network marketing industry. You see at the time I never blamed anyone for my failure except myself, and to this day I still don't. I dabbled in and out of the industry for the next 14 years but never really put my heart and soul into it again. Getting crushed twice was enough for me and I was making a damn good living, even though I never really enjoyed it. I liked the money but not the job. I learned too much from being involved in the network marketing industry. I knew one day I would try to get back into the industry. Then came the crash of 2008 and all of our 401k's began to disappear, compensation was getting slashed, people were getting laid off right and left, companies were disappearing overnight. It was a real wake up call for my generation (baby boomers). We realized we were not in control. I have actually gone thru 3 pay cuts in 3 years. All the sudden money got tight. It was not a good feeling and something that I had not gone thru in many years, and I did not like it at all. Let me tell you something else, I struggled at times when I was younger without kids, it is 100 times worse to struggle when you do have kids. Many of you know what I am talking about. I began to search for Network Marketing companies. I still had a job and a good income and I needed something that I could do on the side. I would spend time in the evening on the computer trying to find the next great company, something that fit. I had already gone thru most of them over the years, Herbalife,Shaklee,Orenda. You name it and I probably tried it or at least the products. I spent thousands of dollars on products but nothing really excited me. I would always start at the TOP PACKAGE. Trump network, Xyngular and then The Numis Network. I was actually beginning to build a group with the Numis Network. If fact some of my old video's are still floating around out there somewhere. I find it hilarious when I come across them. Then one night close to Christmas I came across a post on Face Book by someone I had met online. I wish I could put into words the way I felt when I watched the video of Mark Seyforth. I knew this was the company. Low start up, ground floor and great leadership. It just made sense. In fact I joined the waiting list right away. I still remember the email back from my sponsor asking me if I was ready. My response was "absolutely". I mean it was only $69.95 a month and I was use to buying in these companies for thousands. I knew this company was different. I knew that this was something that I could build part time around my 60 hour work week and I knew this one was entirely duplicate able and ANYONE could do it. Most of my friends were like me. We worked our ass off and barely had time for anything, except the occassional round of golf. About the third month was when the lights really came on. It hit me like a ton of bricks. If the other companies were structured like One24 I would have had a very nice residual income. This is when I realized the complete difference between One24 and network marketing. The requirements to get PAID. One24 pays you right from the beginning. If I sponsor 1 person and that person goes on to build a group of 10,000 people, I get paid on them all the way down 12 levels without doing anything else. Do you realize how important that is!!! It is what we always thought network marketing could be but never was. Mark Seyfoth had figured it out. That one thing makes all the difference in the world. People are not spending thousands going in debt chasing their dreams. They can still chase their dreams without risking their future. There is not risk with One24. They have laid out a plan that anyone can follow, no matter what your budget is. Your only requirement to get paid is for you to use the product and order 1 unit per month. That is it!! You may also want to spend $19.95 a month on the most incredible marketing funnel that has ever been created for on line and off line marketing. I have only touched the surface of what One24 is all about and you need to check out the 3 minute video at the link above. It is incredible to be able to recruit people and know that they won't go broke chasing their dream and the only way they will fail is to quit. I didn't even tell you about the linear compensation plan were you are paid on everyone who joins after you. You will have to see that one for yourself. One24 will change this industry forever. No more spending thousands to get started at that top level. It makes me crazy when I hear someone even mentions the TOP LEVEL PACKAGE. I know that thousands of people have been very, very successful in a lot of these programs. But I also know of the large numbers of failures. They say that there is a 75% to 97% failure rate in this industry. That means that as little as 3 out of every 100 people actually sticks around and makes money. With One24 we are seeing a 90% retention rate. Unreal. Anyway this was long I know, but you really need to check out One24 and see what it is all about. Thanks,,

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