Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keep Going

Fountain of Youth

But guess what, you are going to run out there like you have just discovered the "Fountain of Youth". This is where you need to be careful, this is where you will start to see people's eye's roll when you approach them. I have sat my friends down and asked them point blank. "what don't you like about network marketing?" Most of the time when I approach people with this question I get the same answer. "Well nothing, I just don't like people preaching to me." It is really interesting when you open up some good dialouge with people. In fact I do not approach anyone with a presentation anymore! I simply refer people to a website in which they can learn how to retire in 24 months, If they are interested then great, let's rock and roll, if not, so be it, nothing has changed. It really can be that simple with the right program.

So you decided that you want more, that you want to change your financial situation or you decided you want to run your own business. You decided that you were tired of making someone else's dreams come true and decided that you still have a few dreams of your own. You researched all the different opportunities that were available on-line and you were shocked to find that there were SO MANY! You locked in on a company or opportunity in the network marketing industry and you were excited and ready to go! It was time to change your life!

"If only it was that easy."

If only it was that easy! If only everyone we knew understood what you just found out about this industy. When you break it down, this industry is so simple that it is almost scarry. All we have to do is use our product and share the opportunity and product with other people. If everyone uses the product and shares it with a few people and this continues the sky is the limit. Just do the math 3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 and then assume everyone is using just $50 a month in products. It becomes pretting amazing. In the example above you would be generating $79,716,150 in business and would be spending no more then $50 a month yourself. Is that crazy or what? That is the power of duplication, that is the power of this industry.

Now remember that along the way you are going to face some tough challenges, but all those challenges can be overcome, you need to just KEEP GOING. If you truly want to achieve everything that you have set out to achieve, you can, but you can not quit and you are going to have to work your ass off to keep focused on what you truly want. That is why you will always here people talk about your "Why". You need to find out what your motivation is, What will keep you going. Remember this simple plan, you only need to find 1 person a month, and if you did this and taught your people to do the same thing, then nothing can stop you!choosing the right company .

But you need to keep going even through the tough times, because your are going to have them. Your going to push and push and push and you are going to stumple and you are going to fall down. You are going to have times when you won't want to talk anymore people. Your going to have times when you don't want to write another blog, pass out another flyer or put another post on Face Book. It is going to happen, just remember to Keep Going. If you keep going and don't quit then you will not fail. Make sure you choose your company wisely, that is another story. see:

The bottom line here is do not give up. You decided to chase your dreams again. Do not let someone or something stop you this time. It is 100% in your control this time. There are no more excuses, it is up to you!

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