Friday, May 27, 2011

Success Begins Here | Getting on the Road to Financial Freedom

Success Begins Here Getting on the Road to Financial Freedom

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time for the One24 Gold Rush!!

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Thanks and have a life changing day.
Bruce Patrick

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tired of failing at MLM or Network Marketing?

Tired of failing in Network Marketing?

I will make this one quick and I will do a video about this later. This is mind blowing once you truly understand the TRUTH. This article is primarily for people who have been involved with network marketing in the past and failed. I know why it happened.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about this concept. In fact I just had a conversation with a friend of mine about network marketing. His comment was, "I have tried a lot of those but don't have time for that now", I think he is on his 4th job in 2 years, a victim of the economy.

What does that mean? " I tried a lot of them". It means he gets it! Almost all of us who have ever been involved in Network Marketing, get it! We know that what it offers is absoulutely amazing. We begin with the dream and it dies on the vine!!!! But why? Thinking back I know the reasons why. Some of them are not so obvious, but once you hear them I think a light will go on.

The reasons why people fail are pretty basic for the most part. You don't share it with enough people because you don't know how, you quit too soon because you can't afford the product, your business becomes an expense, instead of an income stream, You can't handlle the rejection, you don't have enough time.

Well those are your basics, but there are a few more: There are a lot of people who fail after having some success. I fell into that catagory a couple of times. For those of you who have had some success with Network marketing you will totally relate to this.

The way typical network marketing companies are set up. You are required to maintain a certain amount of retail sales or group volumes in order to get paid. Think about that for a second, let's say I recruited Tom, and Tom went out there and sponsors thousands of people who generate tens of thousands of dollars in salse. Even though I may be responsible for recruiting Tom, unless I meet certain requirements I will not get paid on Tom's group. Or even worse, some companies say that if I don't meet certain group volumes over the course of a year, I could lose Tom completely and anyone else I sponsored who is doing well.

This is what causes people to go broke in Network Marketing. This is what gets people in debt. It was for me. I had to put thousands of dollars in product on my credit cards to make sure I qualified to get my check. This is so very, very common. How many companies have you seen were people talk about coming in at the "TOP LEVEL". That usually means, the most expensive level. Also most minimum PV or personal volumes are usually several hundreds of dollars per month.

I still think starting your own company for $2000 is still an incredible deal. But the fact of the matter is most people, are not true business people. They are just averagre, everyday Joe's looking for a better way to live and take care of their families. And with this design, network marketing is responsible for billions of dollars of sales world wide and that there are currently over 36 million people involved in this industry.


With One24, Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created the most incredible business concept that has ever been created. They are definitely on the forefront of something very new and something truly incredible. They have created a company that eliminates 99% of the reasons why people fail in this industry. They have created the first I.R.P ever. This technically is not a MLM company, but relies on many of the same concepts. Mark and Joe have created a program were if you were to sponsore 1 person, like Tom, who took off and built a huge organization, you would get paid on all of it down 12 levels. You do not have to stock inventory in your garage. Your only monthly requirement, is to buy 1 unit of Natraburst and month, about a $70 investment with shipping. And after sponsoring 1 PC you are paid all the way down 12 levels. That is it! And the beauty of this product, is that will save you money every month off your food bill. I have replaced a meal a day with Natraburst, and it has more then paid for itself. My doctor was actually shocked when after changing nothing else, except adding Natraburst, my cholesterol went down over 80 pts. To me that is amazing..

There are several ways that One24 pays people. I challenge anyone to honestly compare this company to anything that is out there. The concept is sound, the products are incredible and the leadership is awesome.

Mark and Joe have eliminated the things that cause us to dis-like network marketing and have included all the things that allow us to love network marketing. There is so much more that I could say about One24 but I don't want this to be 20 pages long. No more presentations, no more rejection, no more debt, you don't have to worry about a relative getting involved and going broke. Anyone can do this, and how would your attitude change if you knew that anyone could be successful at it. That is for another time...

Check out One24 and give me your feed-back

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

One24 will Change the World!

Why One24 will change this industry forever!!

Let me tell you a little about my experience with network marketing in the past and why I know One24 will change this industry forever.

I was first introduced to the network marketing industry in 1985.  At first, I was the biggest skeptic in the world, but that soon ended when a friend of a friend, started earning several million dollars a year.  That would make the biggest skeptic stand up and take notice.

So needless to say I got involved. First company that I got involved in was a company most people are familair with called Nu Skin.  I was so excited I could not sleep, I had the videos, I studied the comp plan, I became an expert.  I poured my heart and sole into that company.  I had reached a point were I was making about $1500-$2500 a month, not bad!  The problem was that I was pumping most of that money back into the products so that I could receive my check.  Well that worked for awhile, at least until they reposesed my Jeep for not having insurance!  Not a good feeling!

Here comes company 2: Body Wise International:  A company with what I would consider to be the most incredible nutritional products ever created.  I got on those products and lost so much weight and felt great.  It was so obvious that people who knew me wanted to take the products also.  I had found the mother load.  I eventually built an organization of a couple thousand people and was doing pretty good.  I was making 3-4k a month and guess what?  I was pumping money back into products so that I could receive my check every month!

See a patern here yet?  Bottom line this is were the love hate relationship comes from in Network Marketing.  The concept works, that is indisbutable.  People make millions, that is a fact also.  But the sad fact is that after awhile even people that were successful, fail. 

Why is that, why do people fail?  The answer is easy once you realize what you are looking at.  It took me forever to really look at it and understand it. It took Mark Seyforth to open my eyes. People fail because of the system and marketing plans and the way they are set up.  They are set up with the company in mind and have total disreguard for the distributor!!!  Do you realize that if you do not meet the company requirements you could lose your whole business or not get paid on the business you are responsibel for generating!!

That is how I lost 2 organizations that I had built over 25 years ago.  It was not until I found One24 online that my eyes were truly opened up.  This is by far and away the most incredible company that I have ever found.  What they are doing is taking the good of network marketing and getting rid of the bad.  If I would have started my career with One24 I guarantee I would be a retired millionaire today!!

Imagine a company were you can build at your own pace and not worry about losing your down line.  As Mark Seyforth calls it, you can have the "Eye of the Turtle or the Paws of the Puma" but you will still both get to the same place.  One may take a little longer but you will get there.

This brings me back to why I know One24 is going to be massive. Now I am not the worlds most social butterfly, in-fact because I work a lot of hours, I would say that I have one of the worst social circles you have ever seen.  I have worked 70 hours a week for the last 15 years, a couple of wives and kids and that took up most of my time.  Maybe the 70 hours a week had something to do with the first part!  I have tried countless opportunities over the years and with the exception of the first two, never received a check with any of the other companies. I still had the failth but I was a little burned out.  I kept looking and looking, I joined MLSP I watched every video known to man.  It drove me crazy, then one day I was online, face-book in-fact and I saw a video on One24.  At that point I knew, this was everything that I was looking for.  Prior to that, I didn't know why I failed in network marketing. Now looking back I figured it out. If I had been with a company without monthly volume requrements I would have never lost my down-line and it would still continue to grow today. I love network marketing and I love what it offers people.  It offers us all a chance to enjoy our lives and get out of the crap we calla job.  We get a chance to make our own dreams come true instead of someone else.  The only problem is that in the past the deck was stacked against us, with One24 they leveled the playing field.  They made it so anyone who sticks with it can be successful.

I just recently had to take some time off to take care of a sick mother.  If I would have been with a traditional network marketing company, I guarantee I would have quit.  Because of the way One24 is set up, I did what I had to do, cleared my head of what was going on, and when I was ready to jump back in, my organization had grown, and it didn't cost me a cent extra.  How amazing it that.

Anyone who loves the opportunity this business offers but hates the fact that the company can take it all away from you needs to find out more about One24.  This company allows you to work at your own pace without fear of losing your down-line.  The only way you can fail with One24 is to quit.  The product is awesome, the marketing plan is incredible and you won't go broke trying to get rich!!!!!

Find out more at It will change your life forever!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Success Begins Here

Success Begins Here

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corporate Layoffs and Why People Need One24

Glad to be back!

Do you realize the importance of network marketing and what we have to offer people?

 Do yourself a favor and watch the movie "Company Men".  I had the opportunity to watch it while flying back from Miami.  Believe me I am not a big Ben Afflack fan but this movie is about a group of people who get laid off from their corporate jobs and what they have to go through

**News Alert** - Corporations do not care about you! They report to their shareholders who are concerned about profits...period!

That is probably one of my biggest challenges that I face in my life.  I am not a corporate guy, yet I work for a fortune 200 company.  I have sat in those meetings, it wasn't about people who helped build the company, it was about shareholders and percentages and profits.  I have seen people get forced out because their salaries could be replace by someone else for less money. I have seen people work their asses off to build a territory only to see it cut. I have watched salaries get cut by 30-40% while profits increase.  Enough to drive you crazy, just like the character Tommy Lee Jones plays in Company Men.  It is real world.

Solution? Network marketing or One24!  You don't have to hate your job to realize a great financial opportunity when you see one, and that is exactly what One24 is.  We can show people how they can build a "side" residual income that will be there when they need it.  One24 shows someone how they can retire in 18-24 months.  "Retire" does not mean you have to quit your job, it just means that if you wanted to quit your job, YOU COULD!  How would that make people feel?  To have that financial security.  To be able to do what you want,whenever you wanted to do it.  Let me say it again:


We offer that!  Who in the world does not want that?  When you really realize what we are offering to people it is hard to keep your mouth shut about it.

With One24 we have a totally turn key program that gives you a path to retirement in 18-24 months.  A road map to financial security.

What if you had an extra $10,000 a month in residual income?  How about 10X that.  Well it is all possible with One24 and we will show you how.

We have a 3 minute video which could start you down that patch of financial security and control of your life.  Join us


Sunday, May 1, 2011

One24 Overview. Is this for Real?

One24 – Company Overview and Highlights.

One24For anybody thinking of getting started with the new MLM company, One24 Online, wait! Hold on just a second. Make sure you understand everything on this page before you “sit” on someone’s One24 Waiting List. That’s right…before you can enroll in the One24 MLM program, you must first be placed on a waiting list. Why is that important? Well, it should make you think a little bit about who you join 124 online with, but I’ll address that issue further down the page.  I’m submitting the following One24 MLM review because this company happens to be so new that it is difficult to uncover almost any reliable facts. I’m going to provide you information about the founders of One24, the initial product (Natraburst), and 124 Online’s one of a kind compensation plan.
One24 – The Founders

One24 is the creation of Mark Seyforth, co-developer of the first multilevel back end commissioning program and 35 year direct sales veteran who was instrumental in launching a little company called Herbalife back in 1980. Seyforth also founded a one hundred million dollar organization while he in his twenty’s. As for his vision for One24, Mr. Seyforth was determined to create a system that individuals could get involved with where they could be profitable, where they should not fail, where they would not carry any kind of liabilities and there would be absolutely no attrition. His objective has been to develop a payment plan and (online) marketing strategy that would enable that to materialize. That’s all well and good…sounds like a nice fellow. But what about his reputation? I mean, someone who has been in network marketing and MLM for 35 years is bound to have rubbed someone the wrong way, right? Well, in my internet searches, I haven’t found anything at all. I’m not saying he’s a saint because I don’t know him personally. But I was convinced enough to join One24. Now let’s look at the product!

One24 Product – Natraburst

One24 has announced that they will eventually release more products. As of this writing NatraBurst is currently the one product available. NatraBurst is a potent blend of super foods. It is essentially a concentrated mixture of vegetables, fruits and proteins in a powder form. There are many reviews on the web about NatraBurst, but here is my own personal report. Though others mix it with milk or spread it on their food or make “smoothies”, I simply mix it with water. Natraburst, to my taste, is very sweet but contains 0 grams of sugar. My energy level seems to be higher but without a “spike and crash”. For me, the most noticeable effect has been a decrease in appetite. The product is professionally packed and shipped in a 30 serving container. The nice fact, with regards to the first One24 product, would be that the regular monthly auto-ship is just sixty dollars plus shipping. So getting involved with One24 is very affordable.
One24 – The Compensation Plan

The One24 compensation plan pays out an unheard of 50% of the company revenues and consists of 4 income centers – Silver, Green, Gold and Platinum. The Silver Income Center is part of the “Incentivized Referral Plan” which is a linear compensation plan where every new member (PC) is placed under you. It is design primarily as a quick start payment plan to help newcomers earn some money as they learn the business during the first 4 months. There is also an ongoing Silver income pool that continues to pay beyond the initial 4 months. Both of the Silver Income pools are based on the One 24 linear compensation plan.

The “retirement plan” portion of the One24 compensation plan is the Green Income Center. The Green income revolves around issuing the Green Tickets and pays you $1.50 for each member under you down through 12 tiers . BUT….you can only use 1 Green Ticket per month. Hence, the “Waiting List”. Remember the waiting list I mentioned earlier? Since you can only bring in one person each month, your waiting list can get backed up fairly quickly.

That brings me to the Gold Income Center. On the 24th of each month, you have an opportunity to allow everyone on your waiting list to join One24 through the Gold Rush. During the Gold Rush, your waiting list members can go back to your site and enroll in the One24 Program WITHOUT you issuing them a Green Ticket. The system will first search within your organization for any unused Green Tickets and if it finds one, it will assign it to them and your new Gold PC is off and running. In this scenario, you will be paid up to 12 tiers of compressed Green income AND Gold Income. AND since the system found the unused Green Ticket from within your organization, you will be paid again on your Green Tiers. Sort of double dipping!!! If there are no unused Green Tickets in your organization, the system will search company-wide and assign your waiting list member a Gold Ticket. In this scenario, you will be paid up to 12 tiers compressed Green AND Gold income.

The Platinum income center is based on 4% of the company’s total monthly sales. It is divided up into shares that are earned by the number of Active PCs in your organization. I will be dedicating an entire page on this site to go into more details of the One24 compensation plan soon. In the meantime, the videos on the following page:  One24 Training are a great starting point.

One24 – Is it Important To Join With A Winning Team!

One24 is primarily an online MLM opportunity. As such, doesn’t it make sense to join One24 with a team that has a commanding online presence? When you decide to join a business do you want to sit around on a Waiting List or do you want to get started as soon as possible?
Our team is dedicated to providing all the information and leads at our disposal.  We are currently creating a website were you can post your un-used green tickets, but with that said this business is so simple it should be ez for you to use them.

Come Join me at

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners

IBOSOCIAL (Bruce Patrick) - social network for independent business owners