Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep It Simple Stupid!

] What is the key to making money with One24? If you answered duplication then you are correct. If you answered anything else then you are incorrect. That is why it is so important to follow the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. We have to be vary careful that we don't get to carried away with the Internet marketing aspect of One24. It is easy for me to say as I sit here and type my blog that will go out over the Internet for people to see, but I am serious. We need to keep this thing very simple and remember our warm markets. We can definitely utilize the Internet to build. One of the great things is we don't have to try and sit down one-on-0ne with people and do a napkin presentation anymore. We can direct them to a website and have them find out about us from our site or marketing funnel. We don't have to spend money on audio tapes or cd's. It is free Remember the basics. Build your list and make sure you talk to everyone you know about the One24 opportunity and teach your people to do the same. I think a lot of us have gotten caught up with all the crap we see online that we forgot the basics. The basics are relationships and changing people's lives. I am as guilty as most people but I am smart enough to look around and find out who is really killing it and it is Teams like "Team Liquid" and if you look at what they are doing it mostly revolves around meetings and conference calls. They have created a culture and we need to create our own culture in our own towns. We all need to stop trying to be the Rabbit as Mark put it on last nights call and be the turtle. Progress not regress. This business is about relationships, so start picking up the phones, get off Face-Book for awhile and plan your next Retirement Party at your house. We will talk about that next time. Your success is right in front of you, now go out and get it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Announcement of new site

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What the Top MlM leaders don't know yet

It really excites me that we are still at such an early stage of a company called One24 which is going to revolutionize the network marketing business forever. I will try to give you a quick recap of why I feel this way.

Being in the home based business industry I pay attention to just about everything that is out there when it comes to network marketing. When you realize what Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created with One24 you will never look at these companies the same and let me explain why.

Every network marketing company that I have looked at has basically the same types of compensation programs. Now I know there are different variations between binary, uni-level, matrix, forced matrix etc,etc. And when you dig into these they are all very complicated and designed to make it difficult to get paid. With One24 there are some twists and turns to the 5 different ways you get paid but the difference is when you understand them the extra ones are to your advantage and if they just had the one I am going to tell you about, it would be enough!!

This program was developed out of the love hate relationship we all have with this industry. We love it because of what it offers but we hate it because so many people fail. The industry average for retention is under 25%. But what if we could eliminate why people fail? This is where the light went on for me once I really dug into One24, the retention rate is running around 90%!! Like a lot of people I have tried a ton of different Network Marketing companies but never quite made it into the wealth creation which is why we all joined. We joined these companies to make money not spend money and this is what Mark and Joe understood.

Straight forward and simple. One24 will pay you down 12 levels on every one you bring into the program. The only requirement is that you are active, ordering or selling one product per month $60 plus shipping. For those of you that understand the power of duplication going down 12 levels is HUGE. Think about this, you could sponsor 1 person who brings in 10,000 pc's. Do you realize that would pay you over $15,000 per month, with no other requirements! Once people truly understand this one concept it is a game changer! But there's more!

I have to tell you about the brillance of the Silver program also (another way we get paid). One24 uses a linear compensation program. This means that once you join, everyone who joins the company after you will be placed under you and you will actually be able to get paid off of all of them. This is a really cool concept once you get it. The one thing about it that really excites me is that it is a simple program that helps people get profitable quicker. If you understand this you will never quit and that is why the retention rate is so high. If you have a product on automatic re-order that is making you a profit do you think you would quit getting it? Heck no you wouldn't and I haven't even covered the fact that the products are out of this world fantastic. The products have changed my life and they are for thousands and thousands of people and we are still a ground floor company.

And there are still 3 other ways you get paid that are just as exciting if not more, but I won't get into that right now. You can find out more by watching the video's at

One24 is beginning to go viral and is currently in the United States only with plans to expand internationally very, very soon. The concept is sound, it has been proven to work and the momentum is growing. It will be very interesting to see the impact once more and more top mlm leaders see this. Quite frankly I think it will scare a lot of them and they will try to attact this concept. One24 PC's are actually capped at $100,000 per month on the green side and $100k per month on the platinum side. That is enough for me!! lol. It is too simple and makes sense.

So if you are looking into this industry for the first time make sure you compare plans. If you are a seasoned veteren keep an open mind you are about to go thru a paradim change.

You need to find out more at

Friday, October 7, 2011

How to win in this Economy

The economy hasn't been getting any better but we think we have an answer.  How would you like to be able to start a business from home that could lead you to a 7 figure income?   Think about the fact that Mark Zuckeberg started Face Book for about $1000. But most of us don't have the computer knowledge of Mr Face Book, but most of us know at least a few people who would want to do the same thing. Sound to good to be true?  Well it isn't!

Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created a company by the name of One24online.  One24 is nutritional company that is just over 1 year old.  One24 is the first company in history to use a patent pending compensation program that allows the average Joe or Jane to be successful.

The company has created what it calls an Incentivized Referral Program.  The IRP is really the first of it's kind and is truly unique.  Mark Seyforth claims that once a person understands this marketing program that they would never quit this program.  The truth is the more I understand it myself I would have to agree!

The IRP is incredibly unique because of the way it is designed.  Each person who joins One24 is issued 24 Green Tickets which they get to use.  The PC as they are called is allowed to sponsor 1 other person per month by giving that person one of their green tickets.  The simplcity of this approach is incredible.  You see most people get so caught in bringing in a lot of people into the business it just gets overwhelming.  One24 keeps it simple. One24 does have a program for those that do with to build quicker and faster and it is called the Gold Rush.

Gold Rush is a great concept which allows those that want to build fast the opportunity bring in more people while at the same time offering some incredible incentive to those who are just cruising along.  What happens is on the 24th of each month all the green tickets which have not been used become up available and as long as you have used your 1 Green Ticket you are allowed to sponsor other people as long as their are tickets available.  The beauty of this program is that this merges both worlds and offers people who aren't building the chance to make money.  The person who uses the ticket and the person who's ticket was used share in the first  $200 of commissions.  So it is possible for someone to join One24, use the product and never sponsor anyone into the program and have the potential of earning $2400 a month!  This is in a perfect world but is possible.  The swining gate is another aspect of the Gold Rush that is incredible that I will not go into here but is really cool.

One24 has 2 products: Natraburst and Natraboost .  I won't go into a lot of detail here on the products but I will say this one thing.  The products are incredible!  I have been using the Natraburst for several months now and I absolutely love it.  Since using the Natraburst for breakfast my cholesterol has dropped over 100 pts and my good cholesterol has doubled.  My acid reflux that was making me misserable have diminished.  I love the Natraburst.  The Natraboost which is a new product is really cool also.  It is an energy boost product that works incredibly well.  The energy drink market is a $15 billion dollar industry and   the Natraboost comes in at about 1/2 the price with superior results.  Try it you will love it!

One24 has also just introduced a $25,000 sweepstakes that it will give away monthly along with other prizes.  In order for someone to be eligable for the $25,000 the One24 Pc would have to use their green ticket or anyone who is on the waiting list to join One24 will be eligable also, reguardless of whether they are part of One24 or not.  So if you would like to be eligable for the sweepstakes click here.
One24 Pc's are capped at $200,000 a month, $100k on the Green Side and $100k on the gold side.  One24 does require you to be a product of the product and use 1 product per month.  The cost of the product is $60 + $9.95 shipping, about $2.33 per day.  The compensation program also has another nuance in the silver program which is also a passive way for you to earn money. (see compensation program)

Bottom line is that One24 offers people the opportunity to start a home-based business for little or no money and offers you the opportuinty to earn a 7 figure income.  This company will explode on the scene in the fall of 2011 and will go viral very quickly.  This is a can't miss business.

To find out more about One24 or toget on the waiting list for One24 click here .


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One24 and Network Marketing

One24 is a company that has been in business just over 1 year and is re-writting the network Marketing industry. The new design that One24 uses has a lot of similarities to a typical network marketing company with some very unique differences. The main difference comes in the marketing program or compensation program. Have you looked at a compensation program from Visalis or LifeVantage? [caption id="attachment_122" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Please explain this"][/caption] It is very confusing and very hard to achieve. This does not make either one of these companies a bad company. It just makes them confusing. One24 has a simple program that makes it very simple to understand. It is very straight forward and people understand it very quickly. If people understand something they tend to make quicker decisions. Remember the whole business of network marketing is very,very simple. Use a product and share it with a friend and repeat. That's it. We don't need to make this business any harder then it has to be. [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Join me today"][/caption]

Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you own your life? That is a very good question that was once asked of me. It made me stop and really start to think. "Do I own my life or does someone else," after some contemplation I realized I did not own my life, my company that I worked for owned my life and I really didn't have any control over it at all. My job was based on the emotional insecurity of someone 12 years younger then I was and to make it even worse was the fact that he was incompetent! Ask yourself these questions: - Can you leave work whenever you want? - Can you show up to work whenever you want to? - Can you take time off work whenever you choose to? - Can you increase your income whenever you choose to? - Do you still get paid whether you are there or not? These are questions I asked myself and did not like the answers to and I think you don't like your answers either. I am offering you a chance to own your life, a chance to vacation whenever you want to, to throw away your alarm clock forever. A chance to work with the people you choose to work with. No more politics, no more b.s.. A chance to be debt free and have 100% total control of your life. And this is for real! Check it out!