Friday, October 7, 2011

How to win in this Economy

The economy hasn't been getting any better but we think we have an answer.  How would you like to be able to start a business from home that could lead you to a 7 figure income?   Think about the fact that Mark Zuckeberg started Face Book for about $1000. But most of us don't have the computer knowledge of Mr Face Book, but most of us know at least a few people who would want to do the same thing. Sound to good to be true?  Well it isn't!

Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry have created a company by the name of One24online.  One24 is nutritional company that is just over 1 year old.  One24 is the first company in history to use a patent pending compensation program that allows the average Joe or Jane to be successful.

The company has created what it calls an Incentivized Referral Program.  The IRP is really the first of it's kind and is truly unique.  Mark Seyforth claims that once a person understands this marketing program that they would never quit this program.  The truth is the more I understand it myself I would have to agree!

The IRP is incredibly unique because of the way it is designed.  Each person who joins One24 is issued 24 Green Tickets which they get to use.  The PC as they are called is allowed to sponsor 1 other person per month by giving that person one of their green tickets.  The simplcity of this approach is incredible.  You see most people get so caught in bringing in a lot of people into the business it just gets overwhelming.  One24 keeps it simple. One24 does have a program for those that do with to build quicker and faster and it is called the Gold Rush.

Gold Rush is a great concept which allows those that want to build fast the opportunity bring in more people while at the same time offering some incredible incentive to those who are just cruising along.  What happens is on the 24th of each month all the green tickets which have not been used become up available and as long as you have used your 1 Green Ticket you are allowed to sponsor other people as long as their are tickets available.  The beauty of this program is that this merges both worlds and offers people who aren't building the chance to make money.  The person who uses the ticket and the person who's ticket was used share in the first  $200 of commissions.  So it is possible for someone to join One24, use the product and never sponsor anyone into the program and have the potential of earning $2400 a month!  This is in a perfect world but is possible.  The swining gate is another aspect of the Gold Rush that is incredible that I will not go into here but is really cool.

One24 has 2 products: Natraburst and Natraboost .  I won't go into a lot of detail here on the products but I will say this one thing.  The products are incredible!  I have been using the Natraburst for several months now and I absolutely love it.  Since using the Natraburst for breakfast my cholesterol has dropped over 100 pts and my good cholesterol has doubled.  My acid reflux that was making me misserable have diminished.  I love the Natraburst.  The Natraboost which is a new product is really cool also.  It is an energy boost product that works incredibly well.  The energy drink market is a $15 billion dollar industry and   the Natraboost comes in at about 1/2 the price with superior results.  Try it you will love it!

One24 has also just introduced a $25,000 sweepstakes that it will give away monthly along with other prizes.  In order for someone to be eligable for the $25,000 the One24 Pc would have to use their green ticket or anyone who is on the waiting list to join One24 will be eligable also, reguardless of whether they are part of One24 or not.  So if you would like to be eligable for the sweepstakes click here.
One24 Pc's are capped at $200,000 a month, $100k on the Green Side and $100k on the gold side.  One24 does require you to be a product of the product and use 1 product per month.  The cost of the product is $60 + $9.95 shipping, about $2.33 per day.  The compensation program also has another nuance in the silver program which is also a passive way for you to earn money. (see compensation program)

Bottom line is that One24 offers people the opportunity to start a home-based business for little or no money and offers you the opportuinty to earn a 7 figure income.  This company will explode on the scene in the fall of 2011 and will go viral very quickly.  This is a can't miss business.

To find out more about One24 or toget on the waiting list for One24 click here .


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