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One24-Don't Miss It

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How I Made My First Million!

Are you ready to turn $60 a month into 100k per month this year. This is how I earned over $1.2 million this year. It is called One24. It is the first IRP program that has ever been developed. It was developed by Mark Seyforth one of the true Pioneers and visionaries in the industry today. This program was created for all the right reasons. It was created because of the 97% failure rate in this industry. How many of you have ever recruited a friend or family member into this industry only to have them fail? How did it make you feel? Probably pretty lousy but even worse if it cost them thousands of dollars.

[caption id="attachment_442" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Failure hurts us all"][/caption]

The number 1 reason people fail is because the programs are set to fail them. You see in most network marketing programs you can actually sponsor someone who goes on to make millions of dollars in the business and you end up getting paid on none of it! Most programs have stair step programs, and large monthly sales volumes just to keep your position in the company. Eventually the cost out weighs the income and people quit. The way most of these companies survive is by constantly getting new people thru the front door. So if 97% of all people fail that means for every 100 people sponsored into your down line only 3 people survive. Ouch--

What if there was a company that retained 8 out of every 10 people that came into the company. That would mean that for every 100 people that were sponsored into your down-line you would retain 80 of them!! Do you think that could change y0ur income status or even your belief in this industy.

This year I turned $60 a month into $100,000 per month in residual income with One24. Now, I am not sure if that kind of money would change your life or not but it would be nice for you to find out. Think about it, especially around Christmas time, how would it have changed your life this year?

What if...

What if you could have spent $40,000 this holiday season just on presents? What didn't you buy for your family or friends this year because of the money?

The reality of life is that you control your destination and no one else. You are the master of your destiny, so stop blaming other people, look in the mirror and do something else this year.

The simple fact of the matter is the program works and anyone can do it. It is good for peoples health, it will save them money and it can and will change their lives financially forever.

Take 5 minutes to watch the video at http://teamone.124online.com and if it is right for you and your are ready join the waiting list. If not, you have wasted 5 minutes of your life. And I am sure you will survive!
Just for the record: This is a plan that I have for 2011 and the income statements made above are real, they just are not real yet. But think about it for a second... does that really matter or change the fact that the income stated above is happening every day in this industry. In fact it is happening at ten times the amount stated above. I have heard that the top check in one month was over $2.2 million for one month.

Any way watch the video and join me because this program will change peoples lives.

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