Thursday, August 18, 2011

Incredible One24 Call and what lies ahead

Hello everyone,

If you didn't hear the call tonight you certainly missed something special. Mak went thru 10 things which will cause One24 to create some incredible, ground breaking growth over the next 3-6 months and it is phenominal. Joe also gave some more information on the Natraboost product that will be coming out any day now. In fact you should be able to begin ordering it Monday. Keep your eyes open for an e-mail.

Natraboost will be operating in the $15 billion dollar energy drink market with a product that will blow them away. Who doesn't know anyone who uses Red Bulls or Monster drinks? We all do and the One24 product will create approximately 70 servings. That is under $1 per drink!!!! If that doesn't reak of opportunity then nothing will.

This is truly an exciting time with One24! With the structure of the program and the march to a million distributors why wouldn't you want to get in and stick around to see what happens. Worst case scenerio isyou save some money, best case scenerio is you change your life forever.

Let's face it, in today's crazy economic times you need to be doing something to protect yourself.

If you missed the call it will be posted early next week on the media site.

Hope to talk to you all soon,

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