Thursday, September 23, 2010

Times they are a Changing

Times Are Changing!Are you ready?

The world has changed as we know it. We have just witnessed what is arguably the worst financial disaster the world has ever known. It truly was a game changer.
  • Are you ready for the next one? What are you doing different?
  • Are you happy were you are at?
It was a wake up call for me and it should have been for you. The world as we know it has changed. Job security is no longer possible in the world today, not only because of what just happened but because of technology and world wide competition for jobs. They say some jobs may never return and I agree. The reason being that corporations have found a way to trim the fat and increase profits. They have let higher paid employees go and found cheaper replacements. Many corporations are no longer matching your 401k. And there is much, much more.

Well this creates an opportunity for many of us to change. And change for the better. I am part of the baby boom generation and I woke up one day approaching 50 and wondered were I was headed? What were my priorities? How am I going to get there? It is tough to look in a mirror and not know the answers. I had to do something!

I always knew about network marketing and envied those who had time to pursue it and were successful at it. You see 25 yrs ago I was introduced to network marketing, before it was as mainstream as it is today, and I was intrigued by it but thought it to be a scam. Long story short. The person who introduced me to it went on to make millions and I mean millions of dollars. And because it was a residual income he could travel anywhere in the world at any time he wanted. No Deadlines, starting over a new month or corporate boards to deal with.

A good litmus test is ask yourself one question.
  • If you won the lottery tomorrow would you quit your job?
I think the answer for most of you is obvious. And if that is the case what are you doing to change it. I hope you didn't answer "buying lottery tickets".

Network Marketing can, and will, and has changed thousands of lives. The great thing about this business is it is about people. It is about people helping people. We want you to succeed because it benefits everyone. When you succeed we succeed and we are not all fighting for the same job.

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