Monday, September 20, 2010

Social Networking and the Internet

Just wondering if the social networks have gone crazy?  For anyone who has ever tried to promote on the Internet with face book or my space or sites like that. it is kind of nuts.  Join my company it's the best, don't have to do anything money falls from the skies, let me coach you to success, life coaching, $25 no product make thousands (that one scares me), and so on and so on.
The Internet and Social Networking, if we utilize them correctly, can be a great place for us to come together and help each other out.  Isn't that the spirit of Network Marketing.  If we help enough people get what they want then we will get what we want.  I have found that I have formed the best friendships online from people who were already in my primary program .  There wasn't the pressure to try to sponsor each other into our programs.  I have also formed some great friendships with people who were in the same affiliate programs and we shared our excitement.
I find it is easier to get to know people if we are all not trying to sponsor each other before we get to know each other.  I send out friend requests to people all the time, just like anyone else, and yes I want to connect to people in a mutually beneficial way.  But nothing irritates me more then the person who send you back friend requests with, "Glad to connect to you, my program is the best join me now, my product grew my arm back, webinar tonight at 6....bla bla bla"
Don't get me wrong, I love learning about other peoples companies.  I learn from every video I opt into or every capture page I log into.  I like looking and learning.  But just don't bombard everyone.  We all think that our program is the best and that our products are unique and that they should join our company because....  The truth is find something that you believe in, something that excites you and something that you are going to stay with after your friends all call you and idiot and tell you that won't work for you (another blog at another time).  Because at the end of the day the secret to any successful network marketer is belief, conviction and staying power.
If we all share our collective energy we can change the world one person at a time!  So make friends on Face book and My Space, Digg and twitter.  It is fun interacting with people all over the world.  Just a touch of humor as I am finishing this up I get this message:

My business partners and Women In Charge ;) are holding a webinar this evening that will rock your world....

"Amy & Trasy Are Grillin' Up Some Internet Marketing Rockstars--Brian Fanale & Norbert Orlewicz" Have you ever

wished you could ask the people a the top of your profession all YOUR secret questions....?

These people are on my friends list but have not taken the time to get to no me yet.  They don't even realize that I am already a part of MSLP and think it is the greatest teaching program since sliced bread.  I will send them a message back and let them know that I share their enthusiasm for the company and would like to offer different things that I have learned using MSLP and hopefully I can learn from them also.  And by the way... Things like Secret Questions drive me crazy!
Network Marketing is nothing more and nothing less than creating a system that anyone can duplicate and master.  That is it`.  And once you find that the sky is the limit....
Until next time.... See you on all the best beaches of the world

Bruce Patrick


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