Saturday, September 18, 2010

Numis is Unique!

Blazing a trail into the new world.
 Numis is different kind of company that deals in Gold and Silver .  Who isn't interested in creating wealth, collecting wealth and preserving wealth?
That is what we offer. I was just surfing the web today and came across something interesting. I found a site that was offering MS70 2010 Silver Eagles for $169. I just received mine when I signed up for $75 what a deal.
It is good to be part of a company that is not a me 2 company. It is good to be part of a company that is blazzing a trail into a 100 billion dollare industry. I get tired of people in network marketing spouting off about how there company is the best and how they have discovered the fountain of youth. Now listen, I take and use a lot of great products from network marketing nutrition companies. In fact of the 5000 plus network marketing companies that are out there 4800 of them are nutrition companies. In fact I think I have stacks of most of there products around the house somewhere. lol. I have joined several of them and they have one common thread. You have to get a lot of products that you either store somewhere in your house or end up giving away for free. Check out your house, got any?
Think about it if all those products were MS70 coins that go up in value. I don't think you would be giving them away to your friends for free.
I looked at other companies with other products but this is the one that stood out. I even signed up for tbatwo under one of the distributors websites but cancelled as soon as I saw the company website. Also a week after I signed up the "main" company had no record of me. The companies main website looked like it was started by a third grader. Don't believe me check it out. TBA2
If you are part of that company then I wish you all the best. It is just not for me and not for people who are my inner circle.
Find a company that fits you and jump in head over heals and maintain laser focus.
The secret is to stick to it and keep building. Find a leader in the company and ask for there help. The great thing about this industry is that most of us are here to help others be successful. Our success is based on your success.
If only the corporate world worked that way!
Enough for tonight more later. Follow me for future posts and check out my site if you get a chance. A week ago I could have never accomplished the feat of creating my own website. Click on the link: Bruce Patrick
I hope you have unlimited success!

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