Sunday, September 19, 2010

Networking is Hudge

In today's economy, who wouldn't be interested?

What kind of person is honestly going to answer that they do not want more money or time to enjoy it?  An Idiot or a liar. Maybe a Priest, Rabi or Monk.  I will give you those.  But the fact of the matter everyone wants on of the above.  If they are being honest with themselves we all want that.  Plenty of time to enjoy our families and plenty of money so we don't have to stress.
That is what Network Marketing offers.  An opportunity were you write your own ticket based on your own desires and definition of success.  Were you can have your cake and eat it to.

Then Why Don't They Join?
I am under the profound conclusion is the reason they don't join is because of one reason!  They don't believe!

  • They don't believe that it can work for them
  • They don't believe that they are worth it
  • They don't believe so they bash it all they can
  • They don't believe they have enough credibility with their friends
  • They don't believe that they have any friends or family who would be interested
  • They don't believe, they don't believe they just don't believe in any thing!
If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can't you can't
Isn't that true about anything in life.  Have you all heard the story of Roger Banister?  He was the first person to fun the mile in under 1 minute in 1954.  Prior to that being accomplished no man in history had ever broken the 4 minute barrier.
Just 46 days later it was broken again, and again and again.  What suddenly changed?  What suddenly changed was their belief system.  Now they believed it could be done.
Nothing in life is ever accomplished without first believing you can do it.
Well like the 4 minute mile it is being accomplished by thousands of people all throughout the world ever day.

According to the Direct Selling Association's research, there were 15 million people in the United States, and 62.7 million worldwide, involved in direct sales in 2007.  Sales in the US were in excess of 30 billion dollars and 114 billion worldwide.  95% OF THE DIRECT SELLING COMPANIES USE NETWORK MARKETING PLANS!!

Don't wait get involved.  It could be the simplest business in the world if everyone understood it completely.  That is what makes the Internet so powerful combined with network marketing.  It is our job to educate and show people that life does not have to entail a 9-5 job that most people hate.

Learn more, get involved.  Change your life.  Stop accepting the status quo.

Join me.
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Bruce Patrick

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