Thursday, February 16, 2012

This stuff is simply amazing. NatraBurst was a product that was originally being developed for the medical community before it was re-directed into the One24 business opportunity. 

One24 has a saying, "Retire in 24 months" What they should be saying is "You'll fall in love with this product and you can use it to retire in 24 months". or "This product can make you $200,000 a month for life". 

We have a chance, with this product and marketing plan, to be on the ground floor of what I predict will be one of the biggest businesses ever to hit the home based business industry. This company will attract millions of PC's as it expands around the world. Right now the company is only a year and a half old and only has just over 20,000 active PC's in the United States. 

 Why do I predict this will be the largest ever?

Because it is the first company that I have ever seen that actually is thinking about the people. The company was created by Mark Seyforth and Joe Perry. People who have been around this industry for a very, very long time. 


This company is everything that network marketing companies Pretend to be.

What do I mean? Most network marketing opportunities attract people by telling them the "Penny Doubled Story" You know where they get up there and show you the power of duplication and how it expands and creates massive leverage.  The circles!  But what they neglect to tell you is how you are going to have to jump through hoops to get there and how you could have a massive organization and actually not get paid on all of it.  They will use words like qualifications and personal volume, break away legs, short legs, power legs and all kinds of other stuff which basically means that most of the volume you create is actually going to roll up to the person above you or the person above them.  Most companies design there compensation programs to be so difficult that you need a CPA to understand them.  I know this from experience because in the early 90's I built an organization of over 2000 people that I lost because I couldn't keep up with the retail volume requirements without going broke.  Well in fact I did end up over $16,000 in debt trying to keep up with it.

Realize One24 is totally different and they have created such a unique program that it is impossible for people to poke a hole in.  One24's compensation program is so unique that they applied for a patent on it.  It is simple, fair and incredibly generous.  In fact 50% of all retail product purchases are paid out to the PC's. This is absolutely unheard of in this industry. In fact it is documented from an outside accounting firm. (See it here)

You can try to run from One24 but it will be the biggest mistake of your life.  I predict people will try to attack this company because of the threat that it is going to be to every other company on the planet.  One24 does not spend millions of dollars on top distributors from other companies to bring in their down-lines.  Most people have no idea how much money is paid to some of these so called "gurus"  One24 is for everyone and everyone will succeed.

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