Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Definiteness of Purpose: Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" talks about one of the major keys to success in his chapter on Desire.

One24 OpportunityThis is also the key to your success in your business. You are going to have to decide that you are going to do what ever it takes to be successful You are going to have to do what it takes and not give up. When Napoleon talks about commitment he talks about the general who's army sailed to the shores of the enemies. He gathered his men together, greatly outnumbered, he had them watch as their ships were burned. "We must now win or perish, there is no retreat." They won! You must decide what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Are you willing to get outside of your comfort zone.? Are you willing to put in the extra effort? If you are then you can go to step 2

. Make sure you are in the right company. Make sure you are with a company that you have 100% belief in. The best advice I ever heard came from someone I respect and he told me what the key to this business is. "You have to belong to a company that you would put your mother into" Once you really understand this it becomes very powerful. You see I first heard this 15 years ago but it didn't make sense until I found One24.

 What I mean was this was the first company that I could sponsor people into with 100% conviction and that they could be successful at it. If you don't believe anyone can be successful then you won't talk to people about your opportunity and if you won't talk to people about your networking business then you have no business.

I don't talk to people about my business anymore. I ask people if they are interested in earning residual income! Not everyone is looking for a business but everyone is looking for residual income!! Before I would join these programs, try the products and usually buy myself to the top level and look around and realize that most of the people that I know would not be able to do it this way and that most of the people I know would be willing to do what it takes to achieve the bonus levels or sustain the retail requirements. So bottom line you are going to have to believe 100% in what you are doing and preferably be part of a company that you believe 100% of the people who join can do it if they choose to. On to step 3

 You are going to have to plan on staying in until the major growth can take place. When Einstein talked about compounding he was talking about over time. This is one of the most powerful forces out there. This is what makes this business so exciting. If you took a penny and doubled it everyday for 30 days it would be worth over 5 million dollars. Now that is power! But realize that penny is only worth $163.84 at day 15!!!! Bottom line find a company that you believe in, decide that you are going to make it work and then go out there and do it.

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