Friday, February 24, 2012

Are you part of the 3% who will be successful with a typical network marketing company or are you part of the 97% who fail?

I was on the same cycle until I woke up. It reminds me of the matrix... You can take the red pill or the blue pill . You can either pay attention or you can stick your head back in the sand.  Their is a revolution taking place and you have to decide where you are headed

You can keep jumping from company to company or you can keep sponsoring people to only have them quit and make no money or you can finally look at the root problem of the issue.

Network marketing compensation programs are designed for the top 2% and the full time networker to succeed.  It has so many restrictions on how to get paid that it makes it almost impossible to get paid on your entire organization. People are joining these companies and keep chasing the brass ring and getting farther and farther in debt!

Time for that to stop!! One24 is the first company in history to design a marketing program that is entirely fair for everyone who joins!  You have no retail requirements or no need to stock inventory. You don't have to keep putting more and more products on your credit card each month trying to reach the next level. You don't have to watch your friends fail or realize that they can't do it!  

One24 is a residual based opportunity.  All we do is use the product and have other people use the product.  This is what network marketing programs pretend to be, BUT ARE NOT!

When you take the RED pill and look at the One24 difference, you will never be able to go back to a typical MLM company!

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