Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Want My Life Back!

What is it that makes people work 50+ hours a week and come home and spend another 3-5 hours banging the keys on a key board of a computer or calling their friends and family about a network marketing opportunity? The reason is simple, people are trying to take control of their lives again. As long as we work for someone else we have no control. As long as we have a board of directors, we have no control. I was actually told that I was the highest paid person in my corporation for my position in the country. It should have made me happy, but it made my stomach curl. The reason being is I have had 2 pay cuts in the last 6 years with record profits. It was stated in a way as if I should bow down. That is not a good feeling.

Most of us (the baby boomers) want control back. We want to take time off or go on vacation whenever we want. We do not want to ask permission, like a third grader wanting to go to the bathroom. For most of us we lost control of our lives when we started our families or purchased our 1st house and began going in debt. And anyone who has ever started a family and raised kids knows one thing, they are not cheap! There comes a point when we rely on that job to pay our mortgage and bills, to pay for the childrens education and needs. Did you know the average American is only a paycheck or two away form bankruptcy? So what do we do? We begin to save and invest. We put money in our 401k and build up a stock portfolio. We move into a bigger house as our family grows. Then BAM, 911 hits. We are in shock but we recover and continue to save and invest. Then BAM, we find out that gas has just gone to $4 a gallon and that the country is bankrupt, by the way our 401ks also get absolutely crushed. Enough already. No more! We want control back.

What are our options? Start a traditional business? (who has the money or can afford to take the risk in this economy), Look for a better job? (un employment is at 9.8% but it is plausible). Not a lot of options. Then you get approached by a company that offers you control again. You have a low initial investment and it offers you the opportunity to escape the rat race while still working at your current job. And you find out that there are actually, verifiable, people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and they work with people who are their partners not their competitors. It is actually a business were the better your friends do the better you do. It is a business were the money is residual and you don't start over every month. A job were you could go on vacation whenever you want and you income continues to grow. That business is called network marketing and if your not familiar with it you have been living in a box. Network marketing has been around for over 70 years and has created more millionaires then any other industry. And in order to become a millionaire you do not have to have a pedigree from an ivy league school.

If you want an opportunity to take control of your life again and have more time freedom and more income, then you need to learn more abut this industry. There are over 5000 companies and over 36 million people involved in this industry today, worldwide. This could be your way out. I know it is mine! Check out One24 or my website at

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