Sunday, October 3, 2010

Google Front Page..

Just a quick one on a Sunday morning. I just want to give you one idea today and that is something I learned from Dave Wood who is tearing up the network marketing at the present moment. He said "No matter what you do, right or wrong, do it in a massive way".

Well, I took that advice when I first started learning marketing on line and something crazy happened. I started appearing in a lot of places. And all this happened because I took massive action (in a million directions) Now granted there were a million things that I did wrong and I am improving on, but it goes to show you that like a friend of mine says "there are no secrets to network marketing" all the information that you want is out there. Just go and get it. And now that I have done all this and began to create a massive list I am going back to my MSLP and my GVO accounts and I am seeing it with amazing clarity. And once you get the clarity you realize how simple this truly is. But I guess when you learned that 2 + 2 was 4 it didn't seem that difficult either.

If you go to the recommend button at the top of this page or inserted here if you are not on my main blog. You will find some great sites with a million dollars worth of information. Yes I do promote them and yes I do belong to all of them. And I am thankful everyday that I do.

Now.....Are you ready for some football!

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