Monday, August 9, 2010

2 concepts that have come of age

Have you done network marketing before? I find that most people have either heard of it or have tried it at some point in their lives.
Were you successful? If you were then your still doing it! If you weren't then somewhere along the line you gave up. I know at one time I did. And that was after building a decent check of about $4000 per month. But I still let it go. That was over 20 years ago and I have been looking for a way to get back into it ever sense.

What is the appeal of network marketing? To me, when I was younger it was that fact that I could make 10,000 to 100k per month.... Now that I am older and make more then that every month, it is the time freedom and having control of my life that appeals to me. I said over and over again that I would take half my pay if I could have more time with my family. Unfortunately it does not work that way. I could not go to my boss and say "hey could you give me half my paycheck and not have me come to work anymore" If only!!
Network marketing works and that is indisputable. There are people out there making tens of thousands of dollars every month and actually having time to enjoy it.
The key to making it in network marketing is finding people just like you. People who want more out of life then they have now. Maybe they want to become rich...maybe they just want more time with their family like me. No matter what the reason is we need to find them.
In the past the difficulty was trying to approach our friends and family with our new found enthusiasm. If you were like most of us we got a tremendous amount of rejection. No more.. we found a way to build a down line and not have to approach anyone in our warm market unless we want to. We have found a proven system which helped a waiter go from broke to over 7 million dollars in income in 18 months.
Maybe it is not for you and if it isn't so be it. If you are at least intrigued by the whole idea visit and check out the free information. It can't hurt.

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