Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are You Prepared for what is ahead?

I do not think that we are out of the woods yet with this economy by a long shot..
Have you noticed lately what the banks have been doing with the credit card limits?
It has really got me steamed because it is very obvious to see what they are doing. The banks were loaned billions of dollars to free up the credit markets. Since that has happened I have seen banks loaning less and less money. Now they seem to be reducing everyones credit limits on the credit cards.

What Happens When you reduce limits?

  1. Spending slows down
  2. The Economy slows down
  3. Credit Scores go down (credit scores are linked to available credit)
  4. Interest rates go up. (thus increasing profits to the lenders)

Now is the time to hedge your bets with some residual income and get out of the corporate rat race. Most of the corporations have cut our pay and we have nothing to say about it.

With the evolution of Network Marketing and the Internet now is the perfect time to get involved.

More to come

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